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Django 2: il grande ritorno – Italian title
Ritorno di Django – Italian title
Il grande ritorno di Django – Italian title
El retorno de Django – Argentinian title
Django – A Volta do Vingador – Brazilian title
Django – teloittajan paluu – Finnish title
Django 2: Le grand retour de Django – French title
Django’s Rückkehr – German title
Powrót zza grobu – Polish title
El retorno del heroe – Spanish title
El regresso de un hero – Spanish title
Fruktad rebell – Swedish title
Cango'nun Dönüsü – Turkish title
Django 2 – English title
Django Rides Again – English title
Django Strikes Again – English title

A 1987 Italian production [National Cinematografica, Dania Films, Films International(Rome), Reteitalia (Milan)]
Producer: Spartaco Pizzi
Director: Ted Archer (Nello Rossati)
Story: Franco Reggiani, Nello Rossati
Screenplay: Franco Reggiani, Nello Rossati
Cinematography: Sandro Mancori (Alessandro Mancori) [Eastmancolor, widescreen]
Music: Gianfranco Plenizio
Running time: 99 minutes

Django - Franco Nero (Francesco Sparanero)
Gunn - Donald Pleasence
Orlowsky/'El Diablo' - Christopher Connelly
old gunfighters - William Berger (Wilhelm Berger), Bill Moore
boy - Micky (Miguel Carreno)
Marisol - Consuelo Reina
Rosita - Licia Lee Lyon (Liciani Lentini)
with; Alessandro DiChio, Roberto Posse, Rodrigo Obregon

Sometime in the late 1800's Mexico we see two old gunfighters argue over who was the greatest gunfighter before they are killed.

The film then shifts to show Django, who has been living in a monastery in San Domingo preparing to take the vows that will make him a monk. A woman arrives and it is revealed it is Django's dying wife and she implores him to care for their daughter. He accepts and leaves the monastery to locate his daughter. When he arrives in the town where she is supposed to be he finds it deserted and almost everyone is dead.

We the see 'El Diablo', a Hungarian aristocrat who is in command of an armored riverboat. His Austrian crew was in the employ of Emperor Maximilian but after his overthrow they work for 'El Diablo' as pirates, looting and capturing natives to work in a silver mine. Django realizes it is 'El Diablo' who has attacked his daughter's village and now holds her prisoner.

Django locates the boat and asks 'El Diablo' for the return of his daughter. He's laughed at before he's shackled in chains, tortured and then taken to the silver mine.

At the silver mine he meets an entomologist named Gunn whose been enslaved by 'El Diablo' for several years because he failed to find the legendary 'Mariposa Negra' (Black Butterfly). With Gunn's help Django escapes the prison camp.

Django digs up his buried machine gun and and returns to the silver mine along with a fake 'Mariposa Negra' made by his friends the monks at the monastery. With the help of a young native boy who delivers the butterfly along with a note that tells where the insect was captured while Django waits in ambush. 'El Diablo' at first overjoyed discovers it's fake and does not fall into Django's trap. Django then attacks the silver mine with explosives and after the Austrian soldiers are all killed he frees Guinn and his daughter and leaves 'El Diablo' to the prisoners to exact their revenge.

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  1. Biltmore Mike: Bill Moore is probably the old gunman standing with Berger during the opening scene.

  2. You are probably right. I've revised his participation with the role as old gunfighter.