Saturday, September 11, 2010


Bill il taciturno – Italian title
Django, le taciturne – French title
Django tötet leise – German title
Django - Der lautlose Killer - German title
Django skotonei siopila – Greek title
Django Kills Softly – English title
Django Kills Silently – English title

A 1967 Italian, French co-production [Avis Film (Rome), Films Jacques Leitienne (Paris)]
Producer: Alberto Puccini
Director: Max Hunter (Massimo Pupillo)
Story: Leonide Preston (Renato Polselli)
Screenplay: Lina Caterini, Paul Farjon, Marcello Malvestito, Leonide Preston (Renato Polselli)
Cinematography: Mario Parapetti [Eastmancolor, widescreen]
Music: Berto Pisano
Song: “Chi non e’ con te” sung by Anna Rita Spinaci
Running time: 98 minutes

Bill/Django - George Eastman (Luigi Montefiori)
Linda/Liana - Liana Orfei
Doctor Thompson - Edwin G. Ross (Luciano Rossi)
'El Santo' - Mimmo Maggio (Vincenzo Maggio)
'The Nervous One' - Rick Boyd (Federico Boido)
Miguel - Spartaco Conversi
Steven - Paul Maru
Pedro - Antonio Toma
Sue - Jeannette Len (Giovanna Lenzi)
with; Peter Hellman, Ilona Drash, Claudio Biava (Claudio Biavati), Martial Boschero, Enrico Manera, Federico Pietrabruna

A small party of pioneers is fighting off an attack by a band of Mexican outlaws, when a young cowboy named Bill/Django happens along and helps them turn back the assault. He saves a young woman, Linda/Liana, whose husband was previously killed by Doc Thompson, the leader of an arms-smuggling gang. Linda/Liana joins Bill/Django as he travels to Santa Anna where Thompson and his gang hang out. Bill/Django decides to take on both gangs.


  1. Hi Tom,I see you on a Django Quest.
    Llewellyn H.

  2. Hi Llewellyn, just listing the Euro-westerns in alphabetical order and there are quite a few Django titles. The same goes for the Zorro and White Fang movies.

  3. Worth noting the lovely moment in the saloon scene when the star of the show sings - in Italian. Presumably they couldn't do a dubbed English version of the song. Hardly a classic otherwise but plenty of bang for your buck.