Thursday, September 9, 2010


Se sei vivo spara! – Italian title
Oro hondo – Italian title
Gringo uccidi – Italian title
Oro maldito – Spanish title
Django – tappaja – Finnish title
Tire encore si tu peux – French title
Töte, Django – German title
Django Kill… if You Live Shoot! – English title
Django Kill – English title

A 1966 Italian, Spanish co-production [GIA Società Cinematografica (Rome), Hispamer Films P.C. (Madrid)]
Producer: Alex J. Rascal (Alessandro Jacovini)
Director: Giulio Questi
Story: Franco Arcalli, Giulio Questi
Screenplay: María del Carmen Martínez Román, Franco Arcalli, Giulio Questi
Cinematography: Franco Delli Colli [Technicolor, Techniscope]
Music: Ivan Vandor
Song: “My Town” sung by Ann Collin
Running time: 100 minutes

“The Stranger”/Barney Bunton/Django - Tomás Milian (Tomás Rodriguez)
Oaks - Piero Lulli (Giusva Lulli)
Bill Templer - Milo Quesada (Raul Alonso)
Hagerman/Alderman/Ackerman - Paco Sanz (Francisco Sanz)
Zorro/Sorrow - Roberto Camardiel (Roberto Escudero)
Flory/Lori - Marilù Tolo (Maria Tolo)
Evan Templer - Raymond Lovelock
Elizabeth Hagerman/Alderman - Patrizia Valturri
Collins - Gene Collins
Willy - Félix Sancho Gracia
Templer henchman - Frank Braña (Francisco Perez)
Oak’s gang member - Fernando Villena
townsman - Hermano Reynoso
Zorro/Sorrow henchman - Calogero Azzaretto
with; Miguel Serrano, Ángel Silva, Mirella Panfili (Mirella Pamphili), Edoardo De Santis

Barney Bunton, a half-breed who, with some Mexican laborers, helps a band of outlaws rob a gold shipment from the Wells Fargo. Bunton and the Mexicans are then double-crossed, shot and left for dead. Luckily some Indians find Barney, and nurse him back to health. They also give him a bag of gold bullets. Bunton tracks down the bandits, which by the time he gets to town, have mostly been hanged and killed by a lynch mob. The mayor Templer and Alderman split up the bandits' gold. Chaos then ensues, as a group of gay cowboys kidnap the mayor's son Evan, to get the gold. After they rape him, he kills himself and a big shootout in town ensues, with the gold eventually melting all over Alderman's head, and life goes on.


  1. That quote from "Spaghetti Cinema" was made up by Blue Underground. After I turned in my essay, they suggested some changes - but that quote was all their's.

  2. Barney Bunton? Where does that information come from?