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Pistoleros malditos – Spanish title
Duelo a muerte en O.K. Corral – Spanish title
Doc – Italian title
Doc – German title
Doc Holliday – Yugoslavian title
Doc – English title

A 1970 U.S.A., Spanish co-production [Frank Perry Films (Hollywood)]
Producer: Frank Perry
Director: Frank Perry
Story: Peter Hamill
Screenplay: Pete Hamill
Cinematography: Gerald Hirschfeld [Color by DeLuxe]
Music: Jimmy Webb
Running time: 96 minutes

Doc Holliday - Stacy Keach (Walter Keach, Jr.)
Katie Elder - Faye Dunaway (Dorothy Dunaway)
Wyatt Earp - Harris Yulin
Ike Clanton - Mike Witney (Michael Witney)
‘The Kid’ - Denver John Collins
John Clum - Dan Greenburg
Bartlett - John Scanlon
Sheriff John Behan - Richard MacKenzie (Richard McKenzie)
Virgil Earp - John Bottoms
Morgan Earp - Phil Shafer
James Earp - Ferdinand Zogbaum
Mattie Earp - Penelope Allen
Allie Earp - Hedy Sontag
Frank McLowery - James Greene (James Nolan)
Concha - Antonia Rey (Antonia Francesch)
Mexican bartender - Marshall Efron
Johnny Ringo - Fred Dennis
Billy Clanton - Bruce M. Fischer
hotel clerk - Gene Collins
whores - Vivian Allen, Sharon Fruitin, Lucy Tiller (Luch Tiller)
Clanton cowboys - Per Barlcay (Eric Altberg), Henry Bidon, Dan van Husen (Daniel van Husen)
Reverend Foster - Mart Hulswit
Wong - Gene Reyes
Dunbar - Jim Galante
with; Luis Barboo

A dirty, dusty stranger arrives at a remote cantina on the edge of the desert, coughing from TB, he introduces himself as the famous Doc Holliday, professional card player and gunman. Inside the cantina are, Ike Clanton, 'The Kid', and the prostitute Kate Elder. Ike and Doc play a hand of poker for the use of Kate. Doc wins and decides to take her to Tombstone where he's traveling to meet his best friend, Marshal Wyatt Earp who had once saved his life. Wyatt has political aspirations in Arizona and would love to become the sheriff of Tombstone, in doing so, he proposes a business proposition to Doc so that he can clean up the city and make lots of money collecting taxes. Thus, while Wyatt would impose the law, his friend Doc would take care of managing the gambling and they would both share the profits. The Clantons do not see Wyatt's bid for sheriff as a good omen for them and try to stop his aspirations. At the same time, a loving relationship blossoms between Doc and Kate. A stagecoach is attacked, looted, and the driver killed. This is a boon for the Earp clan which places suspicion on the Clanton cowboys for robbing the stage. Wyatt and Doc go to the Clanton ranch in order to investigate the matter. Ike, does not accept the suspicion of his men robbing the stage. A fight breaks out between Ike and Wyatt leaving Earp badly beaten. The latter swears to kill Ike to fix this outrage. The two opposing clans gather at the OK Corral to settle the matter.

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2veIq5TPJk

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  1. Tom,

    Watched it at the cinema when it came out. Very impressed, the American western highly influenced by the Italian westerns and better for it. Recently bought the dvd. I still think it's a good retelling of the story.

    All the best