Thursday, September 23, 2010


Un dollaro di fifa – Italian title
Dos valientes a la fuerza – Spanish title
A Dollar of Funk – English title
A Dollar of Fear – English title

A 1960 Italian production [Cineproduzione Emo Bistolfi (Rome)]
Producer: Emo Bistolfi
Director: Giorgio Simonelli
Story: Mario Guerra
Screenplay: Guerra (Mario Guerra), Scarnicci (Giulio Scarnicci), Tarabusi (Renzo Tarabusi)
Cinematography: Tino Santoni (Clemente Santoni) [Eastmancolor, widescreen]
Music: Gianni Ferrio (Giovanni Ferrio)
Song: “Oh Cherie” sung by Tony Renis (Elio Cesare)
Running time: 90 minutes

Alamo - Ugo Tognazzi (Ottavio Tognazzi)
Mike - Walter Chiari (Walter Annichiarico)
Hurricane - Renato Mambor
Alice Perkins - Hélène Chanel
Sara Perkins - Leonora Ruffo (Eleanora Ruffo)
Sindaco - Aroldo Tieri
Sherry - Dominique Boschero
Sheriff Cirion - Mario Carotenuto
Spiritual - Nando Angelini (Ferdinando Angelini)
poker player - Ignazio Balsamo
Chancellor - Arturo Dominici
Smile - Renzo Palmer (Renzo Bigatti)
with; Giorgio Cerioni, Gina Mascetti, Nino Musco, Bruno Pagliari, Giovanni Vari, Giorgio Zuccaro, Manlio Salvatori, Mimmo Poli (Domenico Poli), Edy Vessel, Giuseppe Vari

Alamo and Mike, two drifters in the Wild West, join a medicine show. During a show to an Indian tribe our two heroes make the chief's squaw's head disappear, but cannot make it reappear They are then forced to flee to escape the fury of her husband. The two decide to move on to Paradise City, but here, they find the sheriff has been killed by bandits that are dominating the city. The town folk expect the arrival of two more sheriffs to the region, which were requested by the dead sheriff's daughters, Alice and Sarah, who want to have justice and order restored. It so happens that Alamo and Mike, upon reaching Paradise City, are welcomed with enthusiasm by the towns people who believe they are the expected sheriffs. The two would like to clarify the misunderstanding, revealing their true identity, but do not dare to do so, having learned that a fierce bandit is looking for the two wizards who have cheated him by selling an ointment for his hair. After a series of adventures Alamo and Mike are arrested and sentenced to be hanged, but when they are about to hang from the gallows they manage to escape by a trick. After a successful struggle, they resume their wanderings in the company of Alice and Sam.


  1. Biltmore: The old UniItalia books listed the translation as A Dollars Worth of Jitters. It was released in Italy by WB, as a follow-up to Rio Bravo, which was titled A Dollars Worth of Honor.

  2. Biltmore: Shooting title was I fanciulli del west /The Boys of the West ????(Feb/60).

  3. Thanks Biltmore. I've never heard or seen any of those titles you mentioned before.

  4. Neither have I, Tom. This sounds too much like a campy Italian version of a Laurel and Hardy film.