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Django sfida Sartana – Italian title
Savuavat revolverit – Finnish title
Django défie Sartana – French title
O Django prokalei ton Sartana – Greek title
Django desafia a Sartana – Spanish title
El gran desafio de Django y Sartana – Spanish title
Django utmanar Sartana – Swedish title
Rykande Revolvrar – Swedish title
Omuz Muza – Turkish title
Django Against Sartana – English title
Django Challenges Sartana – English title
Django Defies Sartana – English title

A 1970 Italian production [Atlas Cinematografica, B.C.R. (Rome)]
Producer: Roberto Bessi
Director: William Redford (Pasquale Squitieri)
Story: William Redford (Pasquale Squitieri)
Screenplay: William Redford (Pasquale Squitieri)
Cinematography: Eugenio Bentivoglio [Telecolor]
Music: Piero Umiliani
Song: “They Call Him Django” sung by John Balfour
Running time: 89 minutes

Django - Tony Kendall (Luciano Stella)
Sartana - George Ardisson (Giorgio Ardisson)
Loco/Il Muto - José Torres (José Torres)
Huston - José Jaspe (José Rivas)
Steve - Salvatore Billa
Juan Corvo/Crow - Doro Corrà (Teodoro Corrà)
Philip Singer - Bernard Faber (Bernard Farber)
Maria - Malisa Longo (Maria Longo)
Singer’s niece - Adler Gray
killer - Pasquale Squitieri
sheriff - Fulvio Mingozzi
gunman - Rick Boyd (Federico Boido)
Mexican girl - Tania Alvarado
bandit - Fortunato Arena
boxer - Petar Martinovitch
Singer henchman - John Alvar
Maria’s landlady - Anna Maria Perego
with; Augusto Pesarini (Augusto Pescarini), Mirella Pamphili, Claudio Trionfi, Freddy Ungar (Goffredo Unger)

Django's brother Steve works for a bank and has a way with the ladies. Steve is framed for a bank robbery and lynched despite the valiant efforts of the sheriff. Supposedly Sartana was Steve's accomplice and when Django arrives in town and informed of the situation he goes in search of Sartana. After a fierce fistfight they are made aware of the truth and decide to join forces and exact revenge against the guilty party, the owner of the bank Singer. To keep Django and Sartana at bay Singer's taken his own niece hostage. This only adds to their cause to rescue the girl and bring Singer to justice.

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