Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Who Are Those Guys? - Jack Ary

Born Jacques Armand on November 23, 1919 at Saint-Sulpice- Laurière Haute-Vienne. France. During his life he was a boxer, wrestler played saxophone with the Tony Proteayu Orchestra, wrote screenplays and was a film and TV actor. He led his own “High Society Orchestra” in the '50s and '60s and released a number of singles and LPs. His first screen appearance was in 1949's “La patronne”. Some of his more famous films are “Love in the Afternoon” (1957), “Gigi” (1958), “Fanny” (1961). His last role was in 1961's “Pourquoi?” (1977). Ary became good friends with French actor Fernandel and they appeared in a number of films together. Ary appeared as John along with Fernandel in 1961's “Dynamite Jack” of which he also wrote the screenplay.

ARY, Jack (aka J. Ary, Jacques Ary) (Jacques Armand) [11/23/1919, Saint-Sulpice-– 9/23/1974, Paris, Ile-de-France, France (myocardial infraction)] – boxer, wrestler, screenwriter, TV actor, musician (saxophone) with Tony Proteau Orchestra.

Dynamite Jack - 1961 (John) [also wrote the screenplay]

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