Monday, June 7, 2010


Sangue da Terra – Brazilian title
La voie du sang – French title
Blood Red - Stirb für dein Land – German title
Kokkino san aima – Greek title
Legami di sangue – Italian title
Blodshämnd – Swedish title
Blood Red – English title

A 1988 British, U.S.A. co-production [Helmdale (London), Kettledrum Productions (Hollywood)]
Producer: Judd Bernard, Patricia Casey
Director: Peter Masterson
Story: Ron Cutler
Screenplay: Ron Cutler
Cinematography: Toyomichi Kurita [color]
Music: Carmine Coppola
Running time: 91 minutes

Sebastian Collogero - Giancarlo Giannini
Marco Collogero - Eric Roberts
William Bradford Berrigan - Dennis Hopper
Andrews - Burt Young
Miss Jeffreys - Carlin Glynn
Angelica Segestra - Lara Harris
Samuel Joseph - Joseph Runningfox
Antonio Segestra - Al Ruscio
Enzio - Michael Madsen
Silvio - Elias Koteas
Rosa Collogero - Francesca De Sapio
Michael Fazio - Marc Lawrence
Doctor Scola - Frank Campanela
Father Stassio - Aldo Ray
Senator Willard Endicott - Gary Swanson
widow - Susan Anspach
Mayor Riggs - Kevin Cooney
McLain - Ben George
Maria Collogero - Julia Roberts
Anna Collogero - Alexandra Masterson
Signora Segestra - Vana Salviatti (Vanna Salviatti)
Engineer Carey - Joel Anderson
Sheriff Walker - William Hardy
Cartwright - Horton Foote Jr.
circuit judge - Bob Martin (Robert Martin)
Di Angelo - Anthony Caldarella
Segestra daughters - Carol Ann Susi, Stephanie Karis, Alison Golde (Allison Golde)
Cooper - Charles Dierkop
Gallagher - Patrick McCord
Pérez - Sergio Calderón
young girl - Fuzzy Stabenow
Pierce - Edgar Small (Stuart Waldman)
Brewster - Mark Anger
Tremaine - Edward Ivory
Tonino - Vince Mazzone
railroad commission clerk - Lee Michael Kopp
freight clerk - Donald Brenon
shipping clerk - Matt O'Toole
prostitute in bath - Maurine Logan
Mrs. Riggs - Nancy Hahn
Mrs. Di Angelo - Josephine Salluce
Di Angelo children - Franco Salluce, Daniel Salluce, Lisa Salluce
Sheriff Gregg - David Pierce
courtroom observer - Thomas M. Harrigan
with; John de Lancie

The Collogero's, a Sicilian family, emigrates to America and cultivates a vineyard in California. The Italian immigrant winemakers struggle to keep possession of land, family and traditions as a ruthless railroad mogul attempts to buy up all the land in order to bring a railroad into the region. When one family in particular resists all efforts, more deadly forces come into play. Sebastian's spirited son, Marco, is in love with Angelica, the daughter of a rival wine-grower's clan. Marco is not very concerned about the warfare about to erupt between the wine-growers and the railroad until Berrigan's thugs torture and kill Sebastian in front of his daughter Maria. Marco then gets his friends together and organizes a revolt against Berrigan and his railroad empire.

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