Friday, June 18, 2010

New Book Re-issue

From Beat to Beat (2nd Ed.) Così insegnai a Charles Bronson ad impugnare l'armonica [Book + CD] **PRE-ORDER**

19 Track CD + 236 page book in Italian and English with more than 400 pictures and anecdotes of 40 years of music and cinema history

By: Franco De Gemini
Label: Beat Records
Year: Various

This is the book and CD from Beat Records that was originally published with the name 'From Beat to Beat: Memoirs of the Man of the Harmonica' but has been republished in a 2nd edition run with extra material with the new title 'Così insegnai a Charles Bronson ad impugnare l'armonica' (How I taught Charles Bronson to "hold" the Harmonica).

This is another fantastic book and CD combo, 'Così insegnai a Charles Bronson ad impugnare l'armonica' is a bilingual book (in both English and Italian language) by legendary musician and Beat Records founder Franco De Gemini.

The 250 page book, narrated by the author, is crammed full of stories about De Gemini's 40 years of music and cinema and is full of his memories of Italian cinema's most prolific period during the 60s, 70s and 80s. There's tales about everybody that he worked with in the industry, from Maestros, directors, actors, musicians, producers and publishers and includes loads of behind the scenes anecdotes and bizarre events as experienced personally by the composer known as "The Man with the Harmonica".

As well as being a composer and concert performer in his own right, Franco De Gemini is Italy's most famous harmonica player, who contributed to countless soundtracks including many Westerns. In part of the book he recollects the role he played in the making of Ennio Morricone's “Once Upon a Time in the West” soundtrack, in which Charles Bronson plays the character known as "Harmonica".

Also included in the book is a large section about the Beat Records discography with lots of great cover art images. The book also comes with a CD with more than 70 minutes of music that features a collection of tracks from the huge Beat Records archive.

'Così insegnai a Charles Bronson ad impugnare l'armonica' is a real treat for fans of cult Italian cinema and Italian soundtracks. Also known as From Beat to Beat.

Packaging and Liner Notes
19 Track CD + 250 page book (15cm x 21cm) in Italian and English.
Track List
1. Tema di Londra (from Colpo Maestro Al Servizio Di Sua Maestà Britannica)
Francesco De Masi/Alessandro Alessandroni
2. Trinity: Titoli (from Lo Chiamavano Trinità)
Franco Micalizzi
3. Sesso Matto (from Sesso Matto)
Armando Trovaioli
4. Tomas Theme (from Le Conseillor)
Riz Ortolani
5. Adagietto
Gustav Mahler
6. La Caccia
Ennio Morricone
7. The Life of a Policeman
(from La Polizia Incrimina La Legge Assolve)
Guido & Maurizio De Angelis
8. Grigio Perla
(from La Gatta in Calore)
Gianfranco Plenizio
9. Claudia
(from Il Medico... La Studentessa)
Robert Pregadio
10. Fay (from The New York Ripper)
Francesco De Masi
11. Freedom
Walter Rizzati
12. Il Mare di Alassio
Franco De Gemini
13. Wonderful Together
Gian Stellari/Giacomo Gerosa
14. Autumn in Central Park
Walter Rizzati/Franco De Gemini
15. Diabolic
David Maulus/Lionel Maulus
16. Spagna
Franco Piana/Enrico Valdambrini
17. Susy's Bossa
Susanna Bertuccioli
18. Non Arrossir
Nadyr Vietti
19. Il Decalogo di Tiburzi
Sergio Montori

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