Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy 90th Birthday José Gutiérrez Maesso

José Gutiérrez Maesso was born on June 10, 1920 in Azuaga, Spain. He was a vital part of the Euro-western genre in the 1960s. Maesso was active as a producer, director and screenwriter. His first film was as a writer and director on the film “El alcalde de Zalamea”. He was active until 1990 where he produced his last film “La mansión de los Cthulhu”. In all he produced 15 films, directed 5 films and wrote screenplays for 29 films. Among his films he was a participant on 8 Euro-westerns: “Savage Guns” (1961) producer, screenwriter as José G. Morris, “Gunfight at Red Sands” (1963) producer, “Minnesota Clay” (1964) screenwriter, “Django” (1966) screenwriter, “Hellbenders” (1967) screenwriter, “The Ugly Ones” (1967) producer, screenwriter, “A Train for Durango” (1968) screenwriter and “Sting of the West” 1972 screenwriter. Today we celebrate José Gutiérrez Maesso's 90th birthday.

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