Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Daughter of the Red Skin

Die Tochter der Rothaut – German title
La fille du peau rouge - French title
The Daughter of the Red Skin – English title

A 1913 German production [Bison 101 Films (Berlin)]
Producer: ?
Director: ?
Story: Karl Hans Strobl
Screenplay: ?
Cinematography: ? [black & white]
Running time: ?

Story: ?

Cast: ?


  1. Apparently, this film (better: a film of this title) was shown as early as April 1911 in Apollo Theatre, Görlitz (http://fk615.221b.de/earlycinema/pr/show/content.php?fr[1][t]=det&fr[1][c][id]=858&fr[1][c][type]=programme&&fr[3][t]=det&fr[3][c][id]=2769&fr[3][c][type]=act).
    Anyway, the short story was published first in Lichtbild-Bühne (a film magazin) in february 1911.

    It was described there as an "Indian Drama" and French (literally translated) title "La fille du peau rouge".

  2. In addition, production company "Bison" seems to be "Bison 101" (Thomas Ince involved) from New York, and they did a 1913 film (maybe "A Father's vengeance") that was shown in Germany as "Die Tochter der Rothäute".

  3. Thanks Fatman. I'm always a little apprehensive to post some of these silent film titles when I can't find supportive information other than appearing on a list of western film titles. Thanks I'll check out the sites you've listed.

  4. Apparently there were several films with similar titles. The date I went with is the one dated 1913 as it had a warning "Not suitable for children". As usual very little documentation remains on these silent films and just try and find a poster or program for any of them. That's why it's so important we document what we can find today for future researchers and anyone else interested in the European western genre.