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I giorni dell’ira – Italian title
Der Tod ritt dienstags – German title
Hvem Trækker Først – Danish title
Sormi Liipasimella – Finnish title
Le dernier jour de la colere – French title
On m’appelle saligo – French title
Dni gniewu – Polish title
Gigantes em duello – Portuguese title
El dia de la ira – Spanish title
Días de Ira – Spanish title
En framling kom for att hamnas – Swedish title
Oskenli gunler – Turkish title
Blood and Grit – U.K. title
Gunlaw – U.K. title
Days of Wrath – English title
Day of Anger – U.S.A. title

A 1967 Italian, German co-production [Sancrosiap (Rome), Corona Film (Berlin), KG Divina Film (Munich)]
Producer: Enrico Chrosciscki, Alfonso Sansone
Director: Tonino Valerii (Antonio Valerii)
Story: “Der Tod ritt diemstags” by Ron Baker
Screenplay: Ernesto Gastaldi, Renzo Genta, Tonino Valerii (Antonio Valerii)
Cinematography: Enzo Serafin (Vincenzo Serafin) [Technicolor, Techniscope]
Music: Riz Ortolani (Riziero Ortolani)
Song: ‘It’s Time to Go” sung by ?
Running time: 117 minutes

Frank Talby - Lee Van Cleef (Clarence Van Cleef, Jr.)
Scott Mary - Giuliano Gemma
Murph Allan Short - Walter Rilla
Gwen/Betty - Christa Linder (Crista Linder)
Vivien Skill/Steel - Yvonne Sanson
Judge Cutcher/Cutchell - Lukas Ammann
Abel Murray - Andrea Bosic (Ignazio Bosic)
Wild Jack - Al Mulock (Alfred Rogers)
killer - Giorgio Gargiullo
Blind Bill - José Calvo (José Salgado)
Turner - Ennio Balbo
Sam Corbitt - Hans-Otto Alberty
Ellie/Eileen Cutcher - Anna Orso
Owen White - Benito Stefanelli
Marshal/Sheriff Nigel - Nino Nini
Slim - Franco Balducci
Bowie Cantina owner - Ricardo Palacios (Ricardo Diez)
Deputy Cross - Paolo Magalotti
Mr. Barton - Virgillio Gazzolo
Old Man Perkins - Vladimir Medar
Mackenzie Perkins - Mauro Mannatrizio
Hart Perkins - Romano Puppo
Wild Jack’s henchmen - Nazzareno Natale (Natel Nazzarino), Sergio Mendizabal (Hermengildo Mendizabel), Alvaro De Luna (Alvaro Blanco)
Turner’s assistant - Fulvio Mingozzi
Mrs. Barton - Eleonora Morana
with; Christian Consola, Ferrucico Viotti, Gianni Di Segni, Omero Capanna

Scott Mary is a young man working as a street sweeper in a small town called Clifton, Arizona. Scott is looked down upon by the town people, and he has never known his father and only knows his mother's first name was Mary. When Frank Talby rides into town and kills one of Scott's bullies, Scott realizes the opportunity to change his life, and decides to prove his worth as a gunfighter to him. Talby soon leaves town to go after Wild Jack, his former associate who owes him $50,000. Scott follows him and Talby reluctantly lets him tag along and agrees to teach him a few rules about gunfighting.

Talby and Scott find Wild Jack, but the man tells the pair that he does not have the money anymore, as he was double-crossed by the seemingly respectable citizens of Clifton. A gunfight ensues and Scott manages to convince Talby of his skills with a revolver. After taking care of Wild Jack's gang, the pair return to Clifton. With the help of Scott "Mary", as he was named by Talby, Talby quickly takes over the town, but Scott's fast draw has now become a threat to him. After he kills Scott's former mentor Murph Short,, the two decide to settle things in a shoot-out. Scott kills all the members of Talby's gang, and then defeats Talby in a duel by taking advantage of the rules Talby once taught him.

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