Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Euro-western - Colts of the Black Gold

Les Colts de l'or noir – French title
Colts of the Black Gold – English title

A 2008 French production [Paradisio Productions, Les Films a Fleur de Peau (Paris)]
Producer: Pierre Romanello
Director: Pierre Romanello
Story: Fredéric Ferrer, Pierre Romanello
Screenplay: Jean-Marie Groc, Maurice Mathieu, Philippe Chauvin
Cinematography: Jacky Bohère, Jacques Baris [color]
Music: Damien Deshayes
Running time: 107 minutes

Mike - Fredéric Ferrer
John - Lionel Tavera
Killer Bob - Romain Bertrand
Jack McCandle - Marc Leonis
Marie McCandle - Séverine Salom
Delilah McCandle - Catherine Antoniolli
Ed McCandle - Eric Chapuis
Billy McCandle - William Persin
William McCandle - Yvonnick Duray
Barbara - Barbara Martiw
Harry - Bernard Bourbon
Charley - Christian Carrère
Declan - David Canone
Gram - Gilles Rebricard
Frank - Jean-Claude Aubert
Doctor Willem - Jean-Michel Caubeigth
Mr. McCallister - Michel Lamoulie
Ben - Michael Rosette
Tiffany - Nathalie Morin
Mr. Trevis - Christmas-Patrick Mulder
Mr. Davinson - Philippe Chauvin
Kacie - Roselyn Duray
Donna - Sandrine Cornuaud
Howard - Xavier Ducarre
Ft. Rainbow Sheriff - Fredéric Degert
Ft. Rainbow bartender - Edouard Renaud
Ft. Rainbow Deputy Sheriff - Philip Rea
Ft. River Sheriff - Patrick Delor
Ft. River bartender - Francis Fouchier
Ft. River pianist - Philippe Ferrer
girl with umbrella - Stéphanie Degert
Saloon girls - Frédérique Taddei, Myriam Boucard, Vanessa Castaing, Vanessa Dufossé
saloon patrons - Alain Aelion, Christian Savary, Eric Rouzaud, François Gomer, Gilbert Labarbe, Jean-Claude Leduc, Jean-Pierre Dupuis, Michel Blanc, Michael Romanello,Patrick Allin, Peter Broulhet, Thierry Boucher, Yves Lassalle, Yves Morel
cart driver - Yves Dubois

In the late 19th century a gold rush takes place at the city of Ft. River here-to-fore a sleepy farming community.. An unscrupulous and greedy man named Mr. Trevis intends to become the only mine owner in the area. To achieve this he hires a gunman named John as his stong armed henchman to convince the local farmers sell their land and move elsewhere. Mike a farmer, loses his wife when she is murdered by Killer Bob. Mike then becomes a bounty hunter to track down and avenge his loss. His pursuit of Killer Bob leads him to Ft. River where Bob has gone to join the henchmen put together bu John. Jack McCandle the heir to his father's farm arrives to take over the farm and refuses all of Mr. Trevis' offers to sell the farm. Trevis is blinded by ambition and is desperate to get what he wants which now brings in conflict with Mike who has taken up McCandle's cause.

You Tube trailer link:,118061
[Released in France on June 4, 2010]

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  1. It looks like a frickin' AMATEUR film! You know, like a bunch of wannabes filming in their back yards on a budget of about $12.