Thursday, June 3, 2010

Remembering Friedrich von Ledebur

Born Graf Friedrich Anton Maria Hubertus Bonifacius von Ledebur-Wicheln in Nisko Austria-Hungary on June 3, 1900. He enlisted in the Austrian-Hungarian Impserial Army in 1916 and became an office in Austrian Cavalry Division during the last years of World War I. After the war he emigrated to the United States and became a citizen. In 1927 he married actress Iris Tree [1897-1968] but they later divorced in the mid 1950s. Calling himself Friedrich von Ledebur he made his film debut in “Alexander the Great” in 1945. He played Queequeg, the South Sea cannibal chief in “Moby Dick” with Gregory Peck in 1956. He would go on to appear in over 50 films with the last being “Ginger and Fred” in 1986. During his long career he made three Euro-westerns: “The Treasure of the Aztecs” (1965) “The Genius” (1975) and “Montana Trap” (1976). Because of his cavalry background he busied himself training horses for the film industry. Friedrich died on December 25, 1986 in Linz, Austria. Today we remember Friedrich von Ledebur on what would have been his 110th birthday.

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