Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy 75th Birthday Giulia Rubini

Giuliana Rubini was born on June 2, 1935 in Pescara, Italy. She first appeared on screen in “It Happened in the Park” (1953). She would go on to appear in 35 films such as “Goliath and the Barbarians” (1959) and “Rage of the Bucaneers) (1961). She sometimes was billed under the names Judy Robbins and Giulia Rubini. Giuliana appeared in six Euro-westerns including “The Sign of the Coyote” (1963), “Bullets Don't Argue” (1964), “Rebels in Canada” (1965), “Ringo and His Golden Pistol” (1966), “7 Pistols for a Massacre” and her last film appearances in “A Stranger in Paso Bravo” both in 1967. After this she dropped out of films and today her whereabouts are unknown. We haven't forgotten her and today we celebrate her 75th birthday.


  1. Giulia Rubini ! What a lady !

    ("Porta un bacione a Firenze..."

  2. La Giulia of Florence !

    "Such lovely eyes were never seen
    in our age or in earlier years,
    that melt me as sun melts the snow..."

    "Non fur già mai veduti sí begli occhi
    o ne la nostra etade o ne’ prim’anni,
    che mi struggon cosí come ’l sol neve..."

  3. Giulia ! Porta un bacione a Firenze !

    Who would not speak of her: he who sees her,
    his whole heart’s filled with love and sweetness,
    she has so much, and grants it to so many...
    Ch’i’ non vo’ dir di lei: ma chi la scorge,
    tutto ’l cor di dolcezza et d’amor gli empie,
    tanto n’à seco, et tant’altrui ne porge...

  4. Giulia Rubini 1 La Maria di Firenze !

    "No longer doubt! Descending from the sky,
    She lifts thee in her arms to realms on high..."

  5. Giulia Rubini !

    "The gentle breeze from her bright face
    moves with the sound of wise words
    making a sweet harmony where it blows,
    as if a gentle spirit from Paradise
    seems always to comfort me, in that air,
    so that my heart won't let me breathe elsewhere..."