Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dead Bones

Dead Bones - International title

A 2008 Spanish, Swiss co-production [Peliculas Bravas, Teleclub AG (Neuchâtel)]
Producer: Olivier Beguin, Annick Mahnert, Adán Martín
Director: Olivier Beguin
Story: Olivier Beguin
Screenplay: Olivier Beguin
Cinematography: Florian N. Gintenreiter [color]
Music: Didier De Giorgi
Running time: 15 minutes

bounty hunter - Arie Verveen
outlaw - Frédéric Landenberg
bartender - Ken Foree
butcher cook - Ruggero Deodato
exploding cannibal - Yannick Merlin
partner on table - Yannick Rosset
long-haired gunfighter - Fathi Beddiar

A bounty hunter is tracking down a wanted outlaw. When he catches up with him in a small abandoned village he soon discovers that the few remaning locals have several unusual customs. The hunter and prey are forced to join together in order to survive.

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