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Testa t’ammazzo, croce... sei morto... Mi chimavano Alleluja - Italian title
Juveljagten - Danish title
Nimeni on Hallelujah - Finnish title
Pile, je te tue face, tu est mort in m’appelle Alleluia - French title
On m’appelle Alleluia - French title
Man nennt mich Hallelujah - German title
Y hora le llaman Aleluya - Spanish title
Me gusta matar - Spanish title
Vende la pistola y comprate la tumba - Spanish title
Juveljakten - Swedish title
Dom kallar mej ‘Halleluja’ - Swedish title
Haleluya - Turkish title
Heads I Kill You... Tails You’re Dead! They Call Me Hallelujah - English title
Heads You Die... Tails I Kill You - English title
They Call Me Hallelujah - U.K. title
Deep West - U.K. title
A Fistful of Lead - U.S.A. title
Guns for Dollars - U.S.A. title

A 1971 Italian production [Coloseo Artistica SRL (Rome)]
Producer: Dario Sabatello
Director: Anthony Ascott (Giuliano Carnimeo)
Story: Tito Carpi (Fiorenzo Carpi)
Screenplay: Tito Carpi (Fiorenzo Carpi), Anthony Ascott (Giuliano Carnimeo)
Cinematography: Stelvio Massi [Eastmancolor, Colorscope]
Music: Stelvio Cipriani
Running time: 98 minutes

Hallelujah/ Alleluia - George Hilton (Jorge Acosta y Lara)
Alexi Grand Duke Viosarevich Koperkin/Alexi Ivanovich ‘The Bear’ - Charles Southwood
Sister Anna Lee/Lieutenant Donovan - Agata Flori
General Emiliano Ramirez - Roberto Camardiel (Roberto Escudero)
Frank/Duke Slocum - Rick Boyd (Federico Boido)
Fortune - Paolo Gozlino
Ebenezer - Franco Pesce (Francesco Pesci)
Johannes Krantz - Andrea Bosic (Ignazo Bosic)
Gertrude Krantz - Linda Sini (Ermelinda Siniscalchi)
Father Victoriano Pacheco - Aldo Barberito
Yucca Sheriff - Fortunato Arena
Pablito - Ugo Adinolfi
Glock - Furio Meniconi
Butch - Claudio Ruffini
Slim - Freddy Unger (Goffredo Unger)
Krantz henchmen - Paolo Magalotti, Lero Rocco (Rocco Lerro), Sergio Smacchi
Mexican revolutionary - Lina Franchi
dead man - Janos Bartha (Janos Barta)
fake monk - Amerigo Santarelli
blonde outlaw - Luciano Rossi
with: Lino Coletta (Pasquale Coletta), Gaetano Scala, Aldo Berti

In Mexico, during the reign of Maximilian, a gunman named Alleluja is commissioned by the revolutionary general Ramirez to capture a bag of jewelry that the Emperor is sending the United States in exchange for weapons. Hallelujah is prepared to act not so much for the reward, but because he intends to keep the jewels for himself. However, many other competitors: Krantz, a shady arms dealer, a self-styled Russian prince, and a nun, which is actually a secret agent of the United States also want the jewels. Alleluja forms an alliance with the Russian and the nun to defeat the evil Krantz. After a violent confrontation with Krantz’s henchmen, Hallelujah and the Russian split the jewels, while the nun, whose mission was to identify and stop the weapons trafficking and receives a decoration from the U.S. government.

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  1. Tom, Juveljagten isn't the Dutch title but the Danish title for this.

  2. Gracias title change noted and made.

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