Friday, July 29, 2022

Terence Hill Says He Usually Hates Going To Awards Ceremonies During This Lifetime Achievement Awards


The “La Pellicola d’Oro” (Golden Film) awards ceremony took place for the sixth time at the Teatro Ghione in Rome. At this film award, the focus is not on the actors or the director but on the crew behind the scenes, such as producers, cinematographers, architects, makeup artists and make-up artists. or sound engineer. After that, the cast members will award the best actor award. A special honor was given to Terence Hill at the awards ceremony, who received the award for work of a lifetime.

In his acceptance speech, he said that he usually hates going to awards ceremonies, but in this case, it was a special honor because the awards were presented by the members. After accepting the award himself, he was honored to present another lifetime achievement award to brothers Amedeo and Umberto Leurini, whose transportation company has been in the motion picture business since the 1930s.

Terence Hill was once again honored for his lifelong work in Italy. He was honored by the non-profit association “Moige”. The word stands for “Movimento Italiano Genitori”, which roughly translates to “Parents’ Movement in Italy”. Year after year, the association evaluates series, shows, as well as web and streaming content to see how appropriate they are for children and teens, and publishes ratings. this category in TV and web guides.

Now the club has decided to reward Terence Hill “for his solid acting qualities and for the correspondence between the characters he plays and the person he is. His performance is, well, worth it. reliable and watchable. He’s always been a source of reflection for family audiences of all ages.”

Terence thanked him for the award and told of a meeting long ago with a young mother and her two children, who had recently seen “The Devil’s Right and Left Arm” in the cinema. . film. At that time, she asked Terence to continue making such films so that she could watch them with peace of mind. He’s stuck on that. Terence concluded by saying that he misses Italy and will be back soon.

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  1. I can understand the reason why Terence Hill doesn't usually like to go to awards shows. Bud Spencer isn't there anymore to go with him. Together they were a powerhouse and when he lost Bud it was like he lost a brother. Bud Spencer was his friend and they had been through a lot. So do this without Bud there would definitely be difficult. And will be for years to come. But somehow Trinity pulls through. Bud's been gone since 2016 so it hasn't been the same. But at least he has the memories of all they did together. They knew each other for 65 years and that my friends is a long time. And those years you can't get back. Congrats on your award, Trinity. It was well worth it.