Saturday, May 28, 2022

'Dead North' with Tyler Mane 'Best Thriller Short' at the Napoli Ciak Festival

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The short “Dead North” with the Canadian wrestler and actor Tyler Mane (X-Men, The Scorpion King, Troy, Halloween) directed and written by the Italian director Fabrizio Livigni, won the Best Thriller Short award at the first edition of the Ciak Napoli Festival.

In the extreme Canadian winter, a horseless gunslinger receives an unusual lunch invitation. “The short - says the director - was born many years ago to be a tribute to spaghetti westerns and in the original plans it wanted to be shot in Camposecco, the legendary location of films like Trinità, Prepare la Coffin (Viva Django) and Corri Uomo Run (Run, Man, Run), that  called to him. Despite various attempts, the operation never managed to live in Italy. “Dead North” saw the light of day instead thanks to the trust of the Canadian producer Paul Franklin who invested in the first person. The project thus moved to Canada, Toronto and was able to make use of the collaboration of a horror movie star like Mane and a talented theater actor like William Foley in the part of the Gringo. The film was shot in freezing temperatures, between -22- and -30-degrees Fahrenheit, with all the difficulties of the filming, such as the electronic follow-focus of the Arri Alexa that constantly froze due to the cold, but the scenographic effect given by the polar landscape is priceless. “The script for a feature film was taken from this small film and this success encourages us to make it".

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