Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Limosna de amores

Limosna de amores – Spanish title
Tu y las nubes – Mexican title
Você e as Nuvens – Brazilian title
[You and the Clouds – English translated title]
[Alms of Love – English translated title]

A 1955 Spanish, Mexican co-productiuon [Suevia Films, Diana Film]
Producer: Cesar Gonzales, Fernando de Fuentes Jr.
Director: Miguel Morayta
Story: Maria Luisa Algarra, Vicente J. Fayos
Screenplay: Miguel Morayta, Carlos Sampelayo
Cinematography: Víctor Herrera [black & white]
Running time: 93 minutes

Dolores Montero – Lola Flores
Mariachi – Vargas de Tecalitrán
Miguel - Miguel Aceves Mejía
With Carlos Bravo y Fernández, Florencio Castelló, José Chávez, Carmen Flores , Enrique García Álvarez, Elmo Michel, Carlos Orellana, Antonio Padilla 'Pícoro', Raúl Ramírez, Fernando Soto

On a highway from Mexico they drive to the capital, Dolores Montero, Andalusian singer and dancer, with her folklore company. Within walking distance of the city, when passing through a wooded area, three individuals, gun in hand, seize the car and the luggage of the artists. Luckily, Miguel, owner of the Castillejo farm, invites her to his home. Over time, Dolores discovers that the robbery has been the revenge of a bullfighter stripped by the rebuffs she made in Spain. And at the same time, he begins to feel an attraction for Miguel, who admires him for his manhood and his nobility.

[Thanks to Biltmore for finding and submitting this film for inclusion.]

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