Wednesday, December 18, 2019

50th Anniversary of “The Price of Power”

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the Rome premier of “The Price of Power” directed by Tonino Valerii and starring Giuliano Gemma, Van Johnson and Warren Vanders.

When the president of the United States ends up dying from an assassin's bullet, Willer's further quest for revenge is ultimately more successful. Spanish actress Maria Cuadra plays Lucreatia Garfield, the President's wife. In her role she portrays pretty much the role of Jackie Kennedy as the glamorous President's wife. Even in the assassination scene, Cuadra seems to emulate many of the same actions from Jackie Kennedy's last moments with John F. Kennedy in Dallas in 1963. The film's concept was conceived by Massimo Patrizi, Luigi Comencini's brother-in-law, and serves as an adaptation of the story of John Fitzgerald Kennedy's assassination in the form of a Western. Patrizi also imposed another true story in his script, that the attempted murder of James A. Garfield in 1881.

The film grossed a total of 1,273,858,000 lire on its domestic release in Italy. It was released in Spain on June 9, 1970 as La muerte de un presidente.

Il prezzo del potere – Italian title
La muerte de un presidente – Spanish title
Ringo y el precio del poder – Spanish title
En hamnares vag – Finnish title
Texas – French title
Blutiges Blei – German title
O preco do poder – Portuguese title
Det boldiga Dallas – Swedish title
Cena Vlasti – Yugoslavian title
A Bullet for the President – U.S.A. title
The Price of Power – English title

A 1969 Italian, Spanish co-production [Party Film (Rome), Films Montana (Madrid)]
Producer: Bianco Manini
Director: Tonino Valerii (Antonio Valerii)
Story: Massimo Patrizi, Ernesto Gastaldi
Screenplay: Massio Patrizi
Cinematography: Stelvio Massi [Technicolor, Techniscope]
Music: Luis Enriquez Bacalov

William ‘Bill’ Willer – Giuliano Gemma
Artnhur McDonald – Waren Vanders (Warren Vanderschuit)
President James Garfield – Van Johnson (Charles Johnson)
Lucretia Garfield – Maria Jesus Cuadra (Maria Perez)
Jack Donovan – Ray Saunders (Rai Saunders)
Sheriff Jefferson – Benito Stefanelli
Mr. Pinkerton – Fernando Rey (Fernando Arambillet)
Vice President – José Suárez (José Sánchez)
Nick – Manuel Zarzo (Manolo Zarzo)
Wallace – Mike Harvey (Michael Harvey)
Texas Governor – Julio Peña (Julio Muñoz)
Doctor Strips – Pepe Calvo (José Salgado)
Mr. Willer – Antonio Casas (Antonio Barros)
Mortimer – Frank Brana (Francisco Pérez)
Slim – Joaquin Parra
Brett – Lorenzo Robledo
Donovan’s woman – Norma Jordan
Deputy – Carlos Bravo (Ramon Bravo), José Canalejos
Cotton – Ángel Álvarez (Ángel Fernandez)
Saloon patron – Riccardo Pizzuti
With: Massio Carocci, Angel del Pozo (Ángel Merino), Franco Meroni, Luis Rico Pelaez, Maria Luisa Sala, Francisco Sanz, Ralph Neville, Lisardo Iglesias, Roberto Camardiel (Roberto Escudero)

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