Wednesday, December 11, 2019

New Book Release ~ Spaghetti Western: vol.4

Spaghetti western vol.4
Author: Matteo Mancini

Country: Italy
Publisher: Ass. Culturale Il Foglio
Language: Italian
Pages: 720
EAN: 9788876067815
ISBN: 8876067817
Available: Now

Last volume of a real encyclopedia dedicated to the Italian western and, more generally, to the Italian genre cinema. Matteo Mancini starts from the nascent New Hollywood, from Indian revisionism and from the deconstruction of the myth operated by directors such as Sam Peckinpah, to show the development of the genre in Italy, but also in the world, from America to Turkey, passing through Mexico and Brazil . From the years of the proliferation of the western joke, son of the successes of smiles & punches brought to the top of the box office charts from Trinità, to the attempts of Sergio Leone, now in the guise of producer, to close with the myth in a bittersweet perspective projected to the new that advances with "My name is Nobody" and "A genius, two cronies, a chicken". A loss of identity that leads first to the demented then to attempts at contamination with the martial arts cinema from Hong Kong to find a new biting dimension with the twilight western. Hence the general crisis of the 1980s.

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