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European Western Comic Books ~ Albi Salgari

This comic strip was published by Editrics Star (E.G.L.A.) in Milan, Italy, under the direction of Tristano Torrelli and Giusto Vaglieri and consisted of 41 issues beginning with issue #1 on 12/12/1948 and ending with issue #41 on 9/20/1949. It was a weekly comic book consisting of 12 black and white pages and color covers.

The original material and stories had appeared in the newspaper Salgari and was then published as a comic book. Drawings were done by  Walter Molino, Rino Albertarelli, Raffaele Paparella, Paolo Piffarerio, Camillo Zuffi, Dino Attanasio, Dario Natoli and others. Covers were furnished by Franco Paludetti (Palù), except those of numbers 9 and 10 which were made by Paolo Piffarerio.

From number 7 (January 25, 1949) changes in the design of the heading and from number 15 (March 22, 1949) the title became ALBI SALGARI. A weekly comic book of great adventures. The comic book story begins on the back cover and is spread over several numbers. Some of these stories were of Western adventures.

01 (12.12.48) - “Sulle frontiere del Far West” (I) (Molino) (On the Frontiers of the West
02 (19.12.48) - “Sulle frontiere del Far West” (II) (Molino) (On the Frontiers of the West
03 (26.12.48) - “I Misteri della Yungla Nera” (I) (Albertarelli) (The Mysteries of the
                           Black Yungla I)
04 (02.01.49) - “Misteri della Yungla Nera” (II) (Albertarelli) (The Mysteries of the
                           Black Yungla II)
05 (09.01.49) - “I Misteri della Yungla Nera” (III) (Albertarelli) (The Mysteries of the
                           Black Yungla III)
06 (16.01.49) - “I Misteri della Yungla Nera” (IV) (Albertarelli) (The Mysteries of the
                           Black Yungla IV)
07 (25.01.49) - “Le stragi delle Filippine” (I) (Paparella) (The Mysteries of the
                           Philippines I)
08 (01.02.49) - “Le stragi delle Filippine” (II) (Paparella) (The Mysteries of the
                           Philippines II)
09 (08.02.49) - “Alla conquista di un Impero” (Piffarerio) (Conquering the Empire)
10 (15.02.49) - “Alla conquista di un Impero - La Tigre Nera” (Piffarerio) (Conquering
                           the Empire – the Black Tiger)

11 (22.02.49) - “Alla conquista di un Impero - La confessione del fachiro” (Piffarerio)
                           (To the Conquest of an Empire - The Confession of the Fakir)
12 (01.03.49) - “Alla conquista di un Impero - La libreazione di Surama” (Piffarerio) (To
                           the Conquest of an Empire – The Liberation of Surama)
13 (08.03.49) - “Alla conquista di un Impero - Una caccia emozionante” (Piffarerio) (To
                           the Conquest of an Empire – An Exciting Hunt)
14 (15.03.49) - “Alla conquista di un Impero - Il trionfo di Yanez” (Piffarerio) (To the
                           Conquest of an Empire – The Triumph of Yanez)
15 (22.03.49) - “Il Corsaro Nero” (Albertarelli) (The Corsair Nero)
16 (22.03.49) - “Il Corsaro Nero - Il giuramento del corsaro” (Albertarelli) (The Corsair                
                           Nero – The Corsairs Oath)
17 (05.04.49) - “Il Corsaro Nero - L’attacco a Maracaybo” (Albertarelli) (The Corsair
                           Nero - Attack on Maracaybo)
18 (19.04.49) - “Il Corsaro Nero - La sconfitta di Wan Guld” (Albertarelli e Natoli) (The
                           Corsair Nero – The Defeat of the Wan Guld)
19 (26.04.49) - “I minatori dell’Alaska ” (I) (The Miners of Alaska)
20 (12.04.49) - “I minatori dell’Alaska - Un terribile duello” (II) (The Miners of Alaska –
                            A Terrible Duel)
21 (03.05.49) - “I minatori dell’Alaska - Il tradimento di Tanana” (III) (The Miners of
                           Alaska – The Betrayal of Tanana)
22(10.05.49) - “I minatori dell’Alaska - Il paese dell’oro” (IV) (The Miners of Alaska –
                          The Land of Gold)
2317.05.49) - “I briganti del Riff” (I) (The Brigands of Riff)
24 (24.05.49) - “I briganti del Riff - La strega dei Venti” (II) (The Brigands of Riff – The 
                           The Witch of the Winds)
25 (31.05.49) - “I briganti del Riff - La conquista del Gurugù” (III) (The Brigands of Riff
                           The Conquest of Gurugu)
26(07.06.49) - “Il Leone di Damasco - La sfida” (Paparella) (The Lion of Damascus –
                           The Challenge)
27(14.06.49) - “Il Leone di Damasco - Il gigante Domoko” (Paparella) (The Lion of
                           Damascus – The Giant Domoko)
28 (2106.49) - “Il Leone di Damasco - L’impresa di Muley” (Paparella) (The Lion of
                           Damascus – Muley’s Undertaking)
29(28.06.49) - “Il Leone di Damasco - La disfatta di Haradya” (Paparella) (The Lion of
                           Damascus – The Defeat of Haradya)
30(05.07.49) - “Il fiore delle perle - Il tradimento del malese“ (Paparella) (The Flower of
                           Pearls – The Betrayal of Malay)
31 (12.07.49) - “Il fiore delle perle - Le astuzie di Than-Kiù” (Paparella) (The Flower of
                           Pearls – The Tricks of Than-Kiu)
32 (9.07.49)- “Il fiore delle perle - Pandaras l’insidiatore” (Paparella) (The Flower of
                           Pearls – Pandaras the Intruder)
33 (26.07.49) - “Il fiore delle perle - I cacciatori di teste” (Paparella) (The Flower of                        
                           Pearls – The Headhunters
34 (02.08.49) - “Il fiore delle perle - Salvati nella foresta” (Paparella) (The Flower of
                           Pearls – Saved in the Forest
35 (09.08.49) - “L’uomo di fuoco” (Zuffi/Cremonini) (The Man of Fire)
36 (16.08.49) - “L’uomo di fuoco - Il marinaio di Solis” (Zuffi/Cremonini) (The Man of
                           Fire – The Sailor of Solis{
37 (23.08.49) - “L’uomo di fuoco - Sotto la minaccia degli Eimuri” (Zuffi/Cremonini)
                           (The Man of Fire – Under the Threat of Eimuri)
38 (30.08.49) - “L’uomo di fuoco - L’assalto dei Tupinabi” (Zuffi/Cremonini) (The Man
                           of Fire – The Assault of the Tupinabi)
39 (06.09.49) - “La perla sanguinosa - La fuga dal penitenziario” (Attanasio) (The 
                           Bloody Pearl – The Escape from the Penetentary)
40 (13.09.49) - “La perla sanguinosa - La principessa di Karnikobar” (Attanasio) (The
                           Bloody Pearl – The Princess of Karnikobar)
41 (20.09.49) - “La perla sanguinosa - La valle dei pitoni” (Attanasio) (The Bloody
                           Pearl – The Valley of the Pythons)

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