Sunday, June 30, 2019

Clint Eastwood has a new movie and an exceptional protagonist

June 15, 2019

He has four Academy Awards at home, he is one of the greatest directors in history, his career as an actor has several dozens of unforgettable roles, he is a magnificent composer and the public loves him without reservations. Despite all this and his almost 90 years, Clint Eastwood has signed this year another new wonder. The success of “The Mule” has made our dear Clint come back to a rain of offers as never before, but the veteran director is already clear about the title of his next project.

“The Ballad of Richard Jewell”. That will be the film with which Eastwood will be back behind the cameras. For the project, the director will have one of our favorite actors: Sam Rockwell.

The story will bring us closer to the figure of Richard Jewell, a security guard who found a backpack full of explosives during the celebration of the Atlanta Olympics. After being accused of the crime, Jewell starts a crusade to prove his innocence. Your ally in the mission will be a lawyer who will played by Sam Rockwell. Based on the article by Marie Brenner, "American Nightmare: The Ballad of Richard Jewell", the project has already made our mouth water.

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