Friday, August 3, 2018

Stefano Sollima, son of 'My Sergio' in spaghetti western

By Luiz Carlos Merten
June 28 2018

I think the meaning of the previous post is in the concept or concern of Brad Bird, an author who, despite the mistakes, I admire a lot. In the real world, skills are worth more than fictional superpowers. Long live Thiago Silva. On Tuesday, after attending the disappointing O Homem Ant and Vespa, I had lunch at the Almanara of Eldorado - I had not eaten Arabic, changes of habit for a long time - I rushed to the Sony booth at RoboCop to see Sicário - O Dia of the Soldier. The original was by Denis Villeneuve, a director with considerable hits, the sequence of Stefano Sollima. Stefano who? One minute. I checked and he is the son of my favorite Sergio in the spaghetti western director, Sollima, who made “The Big Gundown”, “Run Man Run” and the best, When the Brutes Confront, “Face to Face”, with Tomás Milián and Gian-Maria Volontè. It's not that I believe in talent from DNA, but I've already been enlightened. The beginning, about activities on the Mexican border, seen from the angle of the US authorities, seems to be tailor-made to express concepts of the Trump administration - every Mexican is a smuggler. Catherine Keener, a poor actress, who was once an interesting actress, amends her fucking mother! with a Federal Government bureaucrat still. Is it over? To continue like this, yes. But the film grows and becomes very interesting when Benicio del Toro comes on the scene in the kidnapping of a drug king's daughter. Skills, not superpowers. The girl herself grows and humanizes herself in that desert. And there is a silent confrontation between Josh Brolin and Del Toro, when the first receives from Catherine the mission to eliminate the loose ends of the operation being canceled. The film takes off, which did not surprise me when, in the final credits, I saw the script is by Taylor Sheridan. The guarantee is how to have George Moura as a writer in Brazil. Contrary to the outcome of the Ant-Man, I was struck when that door was closed. And now? I'm more interested in a possible Sicario 3 than in Ant-Man, who is sure to come.

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