Monday, August 20, 2018

European Western Comic Books ~ Angeli del West

Angeli del West (Angels of the West)

Single issue published on January 28, 1979

The Italian film western was born presenting dramatic situations, sweat, blood, tears, violence and solitary heroes. In the seventies, however, thanks to the success of the two famous films "Lo chiamavano Trinità" (They Call Me Trinity) and " Continuavano a chiamarlo Trinità" (Trinity is STILL My Name”  the genre turned to comedy and the number of protagonists rises to at least two. The series Angeli del West is part of this second line, where there are actually three heroes. Gentle Jim is a blond and skilled gunslinger, indebted to the characters played on the big screen by Terence Hill, in particular his Trinity character. The source of inspiration for Little Joe, a bearded giant with bizarre clothing, is even clearer. Its very name, Little, that is small, recalls that of Trinity’s companion, Bambino, played by Bud Spencer. The clever Indian guerrio Sergente concludes the threesome. The series, light and fun, was published by IL GIORNALINO and was a single issue in the comic book’s 13 year run which saw Daniele Nicolai alternating with the texts with Luciano Giacotto and Renato Polese artistically draws all the graphics for thirteen years.

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