Thursday, August 30, 2018

New Short Film Release

Execution! – International title

A 2018 a Spanish film production [D.E.D. Productions (Almeria)]
Producer: Derk Roche, Ulrich Angersbach, Billy Joe Clayton
Director: Derk Roche
Story: Derk Roche, Billy Joe Clayton
Screenplay: Derk Roche, Billy Joe Clayton
Music: Outlaw Dance, Bohoman
Running time: 20 minutes

Outlaws -Billy Joe Clayton, Derek Roche
Guitar player - Jonny Kelly
Marshal - Ulrich Angersbach
Women hostages - Martina Mazanti, Barbara Goode Centko
Townsmen - Steven Rouge, Michael Cholewa, Luis Clint, Ricardo Cruz, Cengiz Guclu Yvonne Konig, John Hutchins, Janne Hutchins, Jose Uroz, Didier Methivier, Alvaro Alonso Benito, Francisco Granizo Rodriguez
With: Ralf Deserter, Vicki Miles, Emi Lopez, Isa Klein, Ionutz Solcan

Two outlaws decide to rob the bank of El Paso with dire consequences.

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