Thursday, August 16, 2018

RIP Marisa Porcel

Spanish theater, film and TV actress Marisa Porcel died on August 15, 2018 in Madrid, Spain. She was 74. Porcel was the daughter of actor Pedro Porcel and actress Asunción Montijano. She started her professional activity on the stage first with her father's company and later she joined the companies successively by Isabel Garcés, the María Guerrero Theater and the Spanish Theater. By the mid-1950s she had specialized in comedy roles. Despite being a regular face of the Spanish small screen since the sixties and having intervened in films and TV series such as ‘Historias para no dormir’ (1968), ‘Cañas y barro’ (1978), her popularity came in 2000, when the producer José Luis Moreno offered to make a small humorous sketch, called Matrimoniadas, with Pepe Ruiz for his musical program on TVE ‘Noche de fiesta’.  Porcel begins to play Pepa , an old curmudgeon and grumpy wife whose favorite activity is to discuss with her husband, the protester Avelino (Pepe Ruiz). The sketch reaches an unexpected success and both actors, along with the rest of the characters, begin to interpret it on stages and party halls. She is the mother of the actress of dubbing, Paloma Porcel. Porcel appeared in two Euro-westerns: as Manolita in “Sabata the Killer” 1970 with Anthony Steffen and “In the Dust of the Sun” in 1972.

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