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European Western Comic Books ~ Colt 45

Colt 45
storie vere del vero West (true stories of the real West)

An Italian monthly publication containing stories of the West and western characters. The comic book was started in December 1965 with one issue. It continued one more year with 12 issues being released in 1966. The comic book was edited by Piero Pieroni and Attilio Vallecchi for Olimpia in Firenzi, Italy and published by Roberto Naldoni, with richly illustrated articles and stories and some comic stories. Among the characters JEFF DEMON by Mario Fantoni, AKOMA KID by Armando Monasterolo and HONDO by R. Felmang; free stories by Colin McLoughlin and Nicholas Alascia. I nos. 5 and 6 of the Series II constitute a single register. The last issue is dated December 1966 / March 1967.

It contained 56 black & white pages with colored front and back covers.

Anno I
01 (12/1/1965) - "Jeff Demon I cacciatori di scalp", "Kit Carson", "Jesse James", "L'ultima battaglia del Generale Custer" ("Jeff Demon The Scalp Hunters", "Kit Carson", "Jesse James", "The Last Battle of General Custer")

Anno II
01 (1/1966) - "Buffalo Bill", "Jeff Demon Sangue sul Pecos" ("Buffalo Bill", "Jeff Demon Blood on the Pecos")
02 (2/1966) - "Jeff Demon", "Gli Apaches" ("Jeff Demon", "The Apaches")
03 (3/1966) - "Fucili per Lupo nero", "Akoma Kid", "Osceola dei Seminoli" ("Rifles for Black Wolf", "Akoma Kid", "Osceola the Seminole")
04 (04/1966) - "Ombre rosse", "Nord contro Sud", "Wyatt Earp all'O.K. Corral" (- "Red Shadows", "North against South", "Wyatt Earp at the O.K Corral")
5/6 (5-6/1966) - "La canzone del cavallo d'acciaio", "Il ritorno di Ringo", "Cavallo Pazzo" ("The Song of the Steel Horse", "The Return of Ringo", "Crazy Horse")
07 (7/1966) - "Sul sentiero di guerra", "I pionieri", "Hondo" (On the war trail", "The Pioneers", "Hondo")
08 (8/1966) - "Lunghi coltelli", "Oro!", "La Derringer: piccola e mortale" ("Long knives", "Gold!", "La Derringer: small and deadly")
09 (9/1966) - "I terribili fratelli Reno", "Modoc!", "Storia di una vendetta" (The Terrible Reno Brothers", "Modoc!", "History of a Revenge")
10 (10/1966) - "I pistoleri", "Le armi che conquistarono il West" ("The Gunslingers", "The Weapons that Conquered the West")
11 (11/1966) - Without a title on the cover
12 (12-3 1966-1967) –

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