Friday, August 10, 2018

A New movie with 79 year-old Terence Hill wants to do it again

Cool proverbs, hard blows - on the side that Bud Spencer Terence Hill played with the hearts of the cinema audience. Now the 79-year-old celebrates his comeback with a new film, "My Name Is Thomas".

With films like  "Trinity is Still My Name" and "Watch Out, We're Mad!" the power duo Bud Spencer and Terence Hill fought on the screen to success. But then it was quiet around the man with the bright blue eyes. After the death of his friend Bud Spencer two years ago, the 79-year-old now returns and wants to do it again solo.

In his new action film "My Name Is Thomas", Terence Hill travels through the desert in his role as dropout. His goal: loneliness. But then he meets a young woman in distress who has come under the control of two criminals. He rescues her in the old manner and from then on she has her neck. The two get into many difficulties.

The fans of the now 79-year-old actor can therefore look forward to action-laden entertainment with "My Name Is Thomas" beginning on August 23. The exclusive trailer for the film launch, is linked below.

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