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The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne (TV)

The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne – The Ballad of Steeley Joe - English title

A 2000 British, Canadian co-production [Filmline International Inc. (London), Talisman Crest
Producer: Neil Zeiger
Director: Gabriel Pelletier
Story: Based on the writings of Jules Verne
Teleplay: Gavin Scott
Photography: Robert Bock [color]
Music: Nick Glennie-Smith
Running time: 60 minutes

Phileas Fogg – Michael Praed (Michael Prince)
Rebecca Fogg – Francesca Hunt
Passepartout – Michel Courtemanche
Jules Verne – Chris Demetral (Christopher Demetral)
Steeley Joe – Mario Diamond
Jesse James – Josh Byer
Sheriff Jim Downey – Minor Mustain
James O’Neilan – Peter Cockett
Lily Ledoux – Dixie Seatle
Sam Clemens – Jonathan Walker
William Quantrill – Robin Andrew Wilcock
Wagon driver – Joel Bailey
Dead Union  soldier – Jean Frenette
Outlaws – Pete White, Benoît Gauthier
Deck crewman – Patrick Kerton
Stunts: Pete White, Stéphane Lefebvre, Franki Gauthier (François Gauthier), Héléna Laliberté, Mike Chute

Season 1, episode 10 ‘The Ballad of Steeley Joe’ - While waiting for Passepartout to arrive from Baltimore with the Aurora, Jules, Rebecca, and Phileas pass the time aboard the gambling boat, the Memphis Belle; Phileas by gambling and Jules and Rebecca by socializing with a newspaperman, Sam Clemens. They meet up, also, with a group of ex-Confederate soldiers, including Frank and Jesse James, bent on a life of crime who steal the Aurora and kidnap Passepartout. Using alcohol and a fantastic story about "Steeley Joe" (a robot gunslinger made of iron), Passepartout is able to escape from the gang and find refuge in the town of Apache Wells. Meanwhile, Jules, Rebecca, Phileas, and Sam Clemens also arrive in Apache Wells and with the help of the local saloonkeeper, Miss Lily, and their own version of "Steeley Joe," they are able to thwart the menacing group of bandits and return Apache Wells to a peaceable town.
‘The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne’ was a 22-episode science fiction television series in the steampunk genre that first aired in June 2000 on CBC Television in Canada. The series first ran in the United States on cable on The Sci-Fi Channel (now Syfy).

The plot concept is predicated on a vast fictional conspiracy beginning with the revelation that Jules Verne did not merely write the stories behind his famous science fiction classic books Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, Journey to the Center of the Earth or Around the World in Eighty Days — but actually experienced these adventures personally.

A television technological historic footnote, this work was the first hour-long series filmed entirely in HDTV format.

YouTube episode 3-4:

YouTube episode 4-4:

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