Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sergio Leone's Colt (TV)

Sergio Leone’s Colt - Italian title
Colt - English title

A 1994 Italian television production [Andrea Leone Films, Dahlia Production, Solaris
    Cinematografica (Rome)]
Producer: Andrea Leone
Director: Franco Giraldi,
Story: Sergio Leone
Screenplay: Sergio Donati
Cinematography: Tonino Delli Colli (Antonio Delli Colli) [color]
Music: Ennio Morricone
Running time: 6 episodes x 90 minutes

Clint Eastwood, James Coburn, Eli Wallach, Gian Maria Volonte, Rod Steiger, Charles Bronson, Enrico Maria Salerno

In 1987, Sergio Leone contacted his old collaborators Sergio Donati and Fulvio Morsella, pitching an idea for a TV miniseries about a Colt revolver that passed from owner to owner throughout the Old West, similar to Anthony Mann's film “Winchester '73” (1950). Donati indicated that Leone was interested in a more revisionist take on the genre than his earlier works, wanting to show the Old West "like it really was." Leone abandoned this project in favor of “A Place Only Mary Knows”, though Donati wrote a treatment and the project remained in gestation for years after Leone's death. In 1994 Leone’s son Andrea again revived the ide but once again it did not come to fruition because he could not raise the production funds.

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