Friday, September 18, 2015

Hard West Is XCOM, Spaghetti Western Style - New Video Shows Full Mission Run-Through

Game Debate
Written by Stuart Thomas
August 26, 2015

Take anything and stick it in the Wild West and it invariably becomes amazing. The gunslingers, saloons, cheap whisky and Mexican standoffs make it the perfect fodder for videogames, but we still get precious few. Hard West is tackling this problem head on, fusing tactical turn-based gameplay with tobacco chewing mayhem and a hint of the supernatural.

Think XCOM meets Clint Eastwood and you’re on the right the right track Hard West. You might remember it from a while back on GD, when it was successfully funded via Kickstarter. It’s heading to PC very soon, and in the meantime Creative Forge Games has revealed a full run through of a mission. Hard West producer Pawel Kroenke is on hand for a tour of the game’s Aspirton Bank Robbery mission.

Walking into town, the player can wander freely without alerting the guards. This means the squad can get into position for the bank robbery, before unleashing the first bullet and alerting the enemies in town. The combat looks fast-paced and brutal for a turn-based strategy title, with player characters and AI alike going down swiftly.

I was aware going in there was an element of the supernatural to Hard West, but I have to admit I didn’t expect a full-blown demon invasion toward the latter part of the mission.

Hard West is coming to PC this autumn.

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