Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Red River (TV)

Les amants de riviere rouge – French title
Die Liebenden vom Red River – German title
The Lovers of Red River – Canadian title
Red River – English title

A 1995 French production [Transfilm International (Paris)]
Producer: Claude Léger
Director: Yves Boisset
Story: “Un homme se penche sur son passé” by Maurice Constantin-Weyer
Teleplay: Michel Léviant
Dialogue – Philippe Lopes-Curval, Yves Boisset
Photography: Paul Huguenot van der Linden  [color]
Music: Angélique Nachon, Jean-Claude Nachon
Running time: 2 episodes x 73 minutes

Monge - Christophe Malavoy
Hannah - Claudia Koll
Napoléon - Eric Schweig
Magd - Lucrezia Lante della Rovere
Paul - Thierry Fortineau
O’Connor - Nick Mancuso
Mr. O’Malloy - Gordon Pinsent
Mrs. O’Malloy - Sheena Larkin
Bear – Bart
Saloon owner - Franck Fontaine
Colon - Jordie Thompson
David - David Raboy
Lucy - Bryn McAuley
Tim - Justin Borntaeger
Archer - Richard Zeman
McPherson - Gordon Masten
Priest - James Bradford

Monge the adventurer and his mixed-race friend Napoleon stop at Rivière Rouge (Red River) to sell their horses. Seduced by a young farmer named Hannah, Monge decides to settle down permanently. Napoleon does not understand how a woman’s love can jeopardize their friendship. A violent fight erupts and Napoleon leaves alone and heads for the mountains. Years later, Napoleon comes back to Rivière Rouge and Hannah falls in love with him. When the young woman becomes pregnant, she and Napoleon run away together. Furious and hurt, Monge will chase them down for months through the Rockies. When spring comes and he finds them, a surprise awaits him.

This two part TV mini-series was shown on French Canadian television May 4, 1996.

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