Friday, July 31, 2015

The Meeksville Ghost (TV)

Duch z Meeksville – Polish title
El fantasma de Meeksville – Spanish title
The Silver Winchester – English title
The Meeksville Ghost – English title

A 2000 British, South African co-production [Peakwing Translantic Pictures (Gloucestershire)]
Producer: Paul Matthews
Director: David Lister
Story: Paul Matthews, David Lister, Ginny Pamboukian
Teleplay: Paul Matthews, David Lister, Ginny Pamboukian
Photography: Vincent G. Cox [color]
Music: Alan Darby, Mark Thomas
Running time: 95 minutes

Lucius C. Meeks – Judge Reinhold (Edward Reinhold, Jr.)
Isobel Carter/Kate – Tanja Reichert
Joshua Carter – Todd Jensen
Daniel ‘Danny’ Logan – Andrew Kavovit
Emily Meeks – Lesley-Anne Down
Granny – Anne Curteis
Bo Walsh – Ronald France
Ox – Robin Smith
Sully – Darryl Evan Fuchs

Adopted as a boy, Daniel Meeks returns to the town of his birth in search of his roots and to clear the name of his great-great grandfather whose ghost will not rest until an old injustice is corrected. In the meantime the ghost helps a young surveyor Daniel save the place from being sold for development.


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