Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Legend of White Fang (TV)

La legend de Croc-Blanc – French title
Wolfsblut – German title
The Legend of White Fang – English title

A 1991-1992 Canadian, French television co-production [Cinar Films, TFI (Quebec), Anabase
Production (Paris)]
Producers: Christophe Izard, Yannick Jézéquel, Ronald A. Weinberg
Directors: Steven Majaury, Alain Sion, Butch Hartman (Elmer Hartman IV)
Story: White Fang by Jack London (John Chaney)
Teleplay: Gilles Adrien, Mary Crawford, Zoé Fachan, Véronique Herbaut, Jean-Loup Martin,
Pascal Mirleau, Olivier Montegut, Patrick Regnard , Tony Scott, Alan Templeton, Philippe Terrail, Philippe Valéri
Animation: Ken Stephenson, Didier Degand, Jan Van Rijsselberge, Frédéric Raducanou, Jim
Appleton (James Appleton), Stéphane Piera [color]
Music: Milan Kymlička

Running time: 26 episodes x 26 minutes

White Fang, Weedon Scott, Wendy Scott, Bella O’Brien, Corbeau de lune, Salek, Alex de Laszlo, Beauty Smith, Matt Laberge, Sergeant Oakes, Alex de Laslo, Raven Moon, Dominique Chauby, She Wolf

Half dog, half wolf White Fang was born in the Canadian North. Guided by instinct, it will then go to meet men and live many adventures, bumping into civilization and the different aspects of human beings: the cruelty or greed on the one hand, but also the confidence and friendship other hand ... So it will befriend the young Wendy Scott, a child full of enthusiasm and only daughter of Weedon Scott, a journalist of "the Bugle". In Dawson City, you can also count on Bella O'Brien who runs a hotel on Sergeant Oakes and especially Raven Moon, an Indian living alone in the forest and always gives good advice. Wendy and White Fang will often have to face Alex De Laszlo (Duke of Dawson) and Beauty Smith, a not very smart character always accompanied by his bulldog Jack.

FilmFair, at the time a division of the Storm Group, produced this animated television series for the Canadian pay television channel Family, which transmitted it from 1992–94; HBO later transmitted it in the United States. Canadian writer Pierre Berton was a history consultant to the series.

Episode list: 1) The Gold Nugget, 2) Banished, 3) William, 4) Fool's Gold, 5) Two Free Beings, 6) The River Of Life, 7) The Ice Bound Boat, 8) The Expedition, 9) Leap Of Danger, 10)An Adventure at Every Turn, 11) The Golden Touch, 12) The Revenge, 13) Otter Madness, 14) The Fountain Of Gold, 15) Sharper, 16) Wendy Runs Away, 17) The Traitor, 18) A Charmed Life, 19 The Lynx, 20) The Thunder Mask, 21) The Great Showman, 22) Keewan, 23) White Fang Goes To Town, 24) The Team, 25) The Beavers, 26) The Trap

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