Wednesday, July 1, 2015

RIP Sergio Sollima

Italian director and screenwriter Sergio Sollima has died in Rome at age of 94, Sollima is known and loved by all fans of Western movies and those who remember the great success of his Sandokan TV series with Kabir Bedi in the 1970s. Often referred to as the other Sergio, he directed and wrote the screenplays for “The Big Gundown” (1966), “Face to Face” and “Run, Man, Run” (both 1967).


  1. Rest in Peace, Maestro! Give hello to Lee Van Cleef for us, fans of both of you!

    Stephan, from Brazil

  2. It's so sad that Sergio Sollima had to die. He made three of the best Spaghetti Westerns ever. He worked with Tomas Milian three times, with Milian playing the character of "Cuchillo" twice. He also worked with Lee Van Cleef. I really wish he could have done more Westerns. He was so good at it. May we all remember Sergio. Rest in peace, Maestro an Viva Italia!