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Lucky Luke (TV)

Lucky Luke – International title

A 1983-1984, 1991 French, U.S.A. TV series [Dargaud Films, Gaumont, FR3 (Paris), Hanna Barbera (Hollywood)]
Producers: Bruno-René Huchez
Director: Morris Joseph Barbera, William Hana, Philippe Landrot, Morris (Maurice de Bevere)
Story: René Goscinny
Teleplay: Gilberte Goscinny, Morris (Maurice de Bevere), René Goscinny, Glenn Leopold, Cliff Roberts, Philippe Landrot, Jean-Pierre Liccioni, Vicq, Alain De Lannoy, Xavier Fauche, Jean Léturgie 
Animation: Carlos Alfonso [color]
Music: Claude Bolling, Shuki Levy, Haim Saban, Cyril de Turckheim
Song: “Poor Lonesome Cowboy” sung by Pat Woods
Song: “Bang Bang Lucky Luke” sung by Jacques Cardona
Running time: 26 episodes x 30 minutes

Lucky Luke, Joe Dalton, Jack Dalton, William Dalton, Averill Dalton, Rantanplan, Jolly Jumper, Ma Dalton, Barry Blunt, Bad Ticket, Bushwhack, Le croque-mort, Coyotito, Phil Defer, Doctor Doxey, Billy the Kid, Jesse James

Story: The continuing animated adventures of Lucky Luke’s escapades to capture and contain the Dalton Brothers.

In 1983, Hanna-Barbera Productions, France 3, Gaumont Film Company, and Morris collaborated to release their version of Lucky Luke which contained 26 episodes. In 1991, 26 more episodes were released. The TV series starred William Callaway as Lucky Luke, Robert Ridgely as Jolly Jumper, Paul Reubens (of Pee-Wee Herman fame) as Bushwack, Frank Welker as Joe Dalton, Rick Dees as Jack Dalton, Fred Travalena as William Dalton, Bob Holt as Averell Dalton, and Mitzi McCall as Ma Dalton. Additional voices were provided by Peter Cullen, Pat Fraley, Barbara Goodson, and Mona Marshall.

1983/1984 Episode list: 1)The Dalton's In The Blizzard, 2) The Dalton's Revenge, 3) Billy The Kid, 4) The Stage Coach, 5) Ma Dalton, 6) Calamity Jane 7) The Tender Foot, 8) Tales Of The Daltons, 9) On The Mississippi River, 10) The Rails Across The Prairie, 11) Phil Defer, 12) Doctor Doxey's Elixir, 13) The Grand Duke, 14) The Nest Egg Of Dalton, 15) The Wrinkle White, 16)On The Track Of Daltons, 17) The Escort, 18) A Shade Of Derricks, 19)The Rivals Of Painful Gulch, 20) Of Barbed Wires On The Meadow 21 The Wire Who Sings, 22) Jesse James, 23) The Black Hills, 24) Dalton City, 25) The Caravan, 26) Rush on Oklahoma

1991 Episode list: 1) Ghost Town, 2) The Judge, 3) Escape from the Daltons, 4) The 20th Cavalry, 5) Lucky Luke Against Joss Jamon, 6) Nitroglycerine, 7) Tortillas for the Daltons, 8) The Pony Express, 9) The Bounty Hunter, 10) A Bride for Lucky Luke, 11) Prima Donna, 12)  The Peddler, 13) Challenge to Lucky Luke, 14) Apache Canyon, 15) The Legacy of Rantanplan,
16) The Daily Star, 17) The Dalton’s Cousins, 18) Daltons Still at Large, 19) Lucky Luke against Pat Poker, 20) The Alibi, 21) Alert Blue Feet, 22) The One-Armed Bandit, 23) Western Circus,
24) Fingers, 25) Dangerous Passage, 26) The Rice Battle

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