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Lord Schmetterhemd (TV)

Lord Schmetterhemd – International title

A 1978 German television production [Augsburger Puppenkiste, Hessischer Rundfunk (Berlin)]
Producer: Heinz Niemczik, Manfred Jenning
Director: Manfred Jenning
Story: Lord Schmetterhemd by Max Kruse
Teleplay: Manfred Jenning
Photography: Werner Lower, Horst Thurling [color]
Music: Hermann Kropatschek
Running time: 4 episodes x 28 minutes

Lord Schmetterhemd, Cookie Pott, Uncle Bernie, Uncle Rabbit, Coyote, Mr. Cool Water, Mary Coolwater Chief of the Dead, Kutscher, Aunt Turkey, Circus Joe, Little Bird, The Deadly Colt, Samuel Pinch, Chief Fast Bison, Chief Little Bull, Squeaky Mouse, Big Buffalo, Witchdoctor  

Since the English Lord Schmetterhemd is almost broke, he decides together with his butler to venture to the Wild West, and look for a treasure. He is accompanied both by the ancestors of the Lord, who travel in the form of a dog, a rabbit and a turkey in the New World. Once in America, their project proves to be more difficult than originally believed.

Lord Schmetterhemd was a German puppet show in four episodes of the Augsburg Puppet Theatre from 1978. The puppet show is based on the adventures of Lord Schmetterhemds, written by Max Kruse. It was shown on West German TV on December 2, 1979.

Episode list: 1) Visit from the Afterlife, 2) The Big Coyote, 3) The Deadly Colt, 4) The Spirit of the Great Buffalo

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