Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Legends of the North (TV)

Aventures dans le grand nord – French title
Les légendes du Grand Nord – French title
Grand nord – French title
Esperanza – English title
Erämaatarina – Finnish title
To perasma ston Vorra – Greek title
Northern Passage – English title
Tales of the Wild – English title
Legends of the North – English title

A 1995 French, Canadian co-production [Ellipse Programme, Gaumont Television (Paris), Cinevideo Plus, FUND, Telefilm Canada (Quebec)]
Producers: Justine Heroux, Robert Rea, Jacques Salles, Christian Charret
Director: René Manzor (René Lalanne)
Story: “Smoke Bellew” by Jack London
Teleplay: Robert Geoffrion, René Manzor (René Lalanne)
Photography: Pal Gyulay [Astracolor]
Music: Milan Kymlička
Running time: 96 minutes

Charles Bel-Air – George Corraface (Yiorgas Horafas)
Whip – Randy Quaid (Randall Quaid)
Laura Fleming – Macha Grenon
Kanata – Sandrine Holt (Sandrine Ho)
McTavish – Serge Houde
O’Malley – John Dunn-Hill
Mawaki – Billy Merasty (William Merasty)
Nigel Plinkers – Jon Baggaley
Paul Bel-Air – Aubert Pallascio
Annabelle – Linda Smith
Indian women – Esther Mayo, Sharon Thompson
Indian warriors – Flint Eagle, Jason Cavalier (Jason Leboruf), Stephane Lefebvre, Louis Pharand, Jean Frenettie
Gorillos – Minor Mustain, Johnny Goar (John Goar)

Late 19th century: Charles Bel-Air inherits from his father a diary with directions to Esperanza, a legendary gold-filled lake in northern Yukon, Canada.  After he arrives in Canada from France, a mixed company will go looking for the treasure.  Thieves and Inuits, all with their own reasons for finding the treasure cross the path of Bel-Air on the winter ice floes of Quebec.

This was a four part French, Canadian co-produced mini-series. Each episode was a separate film based on the tales of Jack London.

Episodes: ‘Legends of the North’, ‘Blood of the Hunter’, ‘Eye of the Wolf’, ‘Northern Passage’

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