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Louisiana (TV)

Louisiane – French title
Louisiana – Finnish title
Louisiana – Greek title
Luizjana – Polish title
Louisiana – English title

A 1983 French, U.S.A., Canadian, Italian television production [International Cinema Corp.
Films A2, Filmax (Paris), International Cinema, Société de Développement de l'Industrie
Cinématographique Canadienne Societe de Development de l’Inustrie (Montreal), RAI TV2
Producers: John Kemenyl, Denis Heroux, Margot Kidder
Directors: Philippe de Broca (Philippe Broca de Ferrussac), Jacques Demy, Etienne Périer
Story: Fausse-Riviere by Maurice Denuzière
Teleplay: Etienne Périer, Dominique Fabre, Chuck Israel (Charles Israel)
Photography: Michel Brault [color]
Music: Claude Bolling
Song: “Louisiana Waltz” sung by Dee Dee Bridgewater
Song: “Cotton Balls”, “Chasse a l’homme” sung by Baton Rouge Community Chorus
Running time: 6 episodes x 52 minutes

Virginia Tregan – Margot Kidder (Margaret Kidder)
Clarence Dandridge – Ian Charleson
Mignette – Andréa Ferréol
Adrien Damvillier – Lloyd Bochner
Charles de Vigors – Victor Lanoux (Victor Nataf)
Oswald – Len Cariou (Leonard Cariou)
Brent – Hilly Hicks
Morley – Raymond Pellegrin (Raymond Pellegrini)
Doctor Murphy – Ken Pogue (Kenneth Pogue)
Ivy – Akousa Busia (Akosua Busia)
Anne McGregor – Corinne Marchand
Percy Templeton – James Beardon (James Bearden)
Adrien II – Larry Lewis
Major McGregor – Wayne Best
Pierre Damvillier – Ron Lewis (Ronald Lewis)
Albert – Angus MacInnes
Young Adrien II – Alex Liggett
Fabian – Scott Burnelle
Julie – Kellie Brasselle
Young Ivy – Tara Winder
Adrien McGregor I – Mark Polley
Little Joe – Timothy Patterson
General Bank – Michael J. Reynolds (Michael Joseph Reynolds)
Bradley – Ron Cural
Nella – Pat Perkins (Priscilla Perkins)
Betty Templeton – Becki Davis
Theodore – Valerian Smith
Gold inspector – Carey Holliday
Southern Patriot – Graham Paul
Della Prince Captain – B.J. Hopper
Young men – Bryan Wrye (Brain Wrye), Criag Foret
Banker – Jerry Leggio
Marc – Dominique Briand
Marc’s friends – Tony Souchier, Jacques Brucker
Comtesse – Beata Tyszkiewicz
Jeweler – Clément Harari
Maid – Laure Casteil
Valet – Charles Marosi
Doorman – Lyle Joyce
Auctioneer – Stocker Fontelieu
Bascom – Layton  Martens
Soldier – David Braselman
Scout – Richard Scheffield
Safehouse man – Tody Bernard
Fellow student – Louis Herthum
Passengers – Ronnie Stutes (Ronale Stutes), Charles Smith
Bidders – Allen McCarty, Byron Molstedt
Union soldier – Nick Cardona
First mate – Ray Gaspard (Allen Gaspard)
With: Sparky Horne, Davis Hotard
Stunt coordinator: Greg Wayne Elam
Stunts: Hank Calia, Patrick Cauderlier, Erik Cord, Louis Herthum, Gray Johnson (Gray Johnson), John Scott, Danny Singleton (Daniel Singleton)

The story begins in 1836 in which Virginia Tregan returns to her home in Louisiana after spending several years at school in Paris, Unfortunately, Virginia discovers that the Tregan family plantation and most of its holdings have been sold to pay off her father’s debts. Only the manor house remains. Determined to recoup her personal fortune, Virginia manipulates the breakup of the affair between her wealthy godfather, Adrien Damvillier and his mistress, Anne McGregor in order to marry him and become mistress of Bagatelle. Virginia also becomes frustrated in her relationship with Clarence Dandridge, who refuses to embark upon a sexual relationship with her.

During their ten-year marriage, Virginia and Adrien conceive three children – Adrien II, Pierre and Julie. Not long after Julie’s birth, Adrien dies during a yellow fever epidemic. Virginia hints to Clarence that she would like to engage in a serious relationship with him. But when he informs her that they would be unable to consummate their relationship, due to an injury he had sustained during a duel, Virginia travels to Paris for a year-long separation. There, she meets her second husband, a French aristocrat named Charles de Vigors. They return to Louisiana and Virginia gives birth to her fourth and final child – Fabian de Vigors. Virginia and Charles eventually divorce due to his jealousy of his wife’s feelings for Clarence and his affairs. Fabian, who feels left out of the Damvillier family circle, accompanies his father back to France. During the next ten to fifteen years, Virginia experiences the death of her three children by Adrien, the Civil War and Reconstruction. The story ends in the early 1870s with Virginia using a trick up her sleeve to save Bagatelle from a Yankee mercenary, whom she had first encountered on a riverboat over twenty years before.

[A 307 minute Theatrical version was released in France]

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