Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Man Born Again (Internet comic)

Man Born Again – International title

A 2012 Italian television production [Eclypsed Word (Rome)]
Producer: Davide Romanini, Samuele Huynh Hong Son
Directors: Fabrizio Monticelli, Emanuele Zivillica
Story: Fabrizio Monticelli, R.D. Hastur (Emanuele Zivillica)
Teleplay: Fabrizio Monticelli, R.D. Hastur (Emanuele Zivillica)
Animation: Ivan Cavini, Roberto Saltini, Alessandro Salvaggio, Laura Soriani, Irene Sparacello 
Music: Enrico Pasini

Jackson Cage - Giuliano Gemma
With: Moses Brings Plenty

Jaxon Cage, a boxer of the Crown, Melanie McHall, an American student, a lawless town and ancient people protecting their land…From the metallic London sky, to the cloudless landscapes of North America, across two continents: powder and bullets, trickeries and treasures, subjugated souls and guardian spirits. This is the story of the man who would change HISTORY.

The producers of the comic thought about a role model  for Man Born Again that could also be a  standard for most of the works labeled “Eclypsed Word”.  For which concerns the contents we have drawn upon historical and anthropological sources  to be later embedded in a fictional context.  The work will be released in online instalments, just like a TV series, divided into 3 seasons, each of which will focus on the Italian actor Giuliano Gemma (Jaxon Cage) as the main character.

This is a digital comic strip with 2 completed episodes.

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