Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Night Riders

The Night Riders – English title

A 1920 U.K., U.S.A. co-production [G.B. Samuelson Productions (London)]
Producer: G. B. Samuelson (George Berthold Samuelson)
Director: Alexander Butler
Story: “Night Riders: A Romance of Western Canada” by Ridgwell Cullum (Sidney Groves Burghard)
Screenplay: Irene Miller (Irene Ford), Alexander Butler
Cinematography: [black & white]
Running time: 61 minutes

Diana Marbolt – Maudie Dunham
John Tresler – Albert Ray
Julian Marbolt/Red Mask – Andre Beaulieu (Alexander Butler)
Jake Harnach – Russell Gordon
Doctor Ostler – C. McCarthy
Ranch foreman - Joe de la Cruz (José de la Cruz)
With: Goober Glenn, William Ryno

Young John Tresler arrives in an area of the Canadian Northwest that is terrorized by the Night Riders, a gang of marauders led by the mysterious Red Mask. Tresler falls in love with Diana Marbolt, the daughter of blind ranch owner Julian Marbolt, and begins to organize a posse to run down the Night Riders. Wounded in his first skirmish with the marauders, Tresler is nursed back to health by Diana, who is desired by Jake Harnach, Marbolt's bullying ranch foreman. Shot in a fight with Marbolt after he demands Diana's hand, Jake reveals the hideout of the Night Riders, and Tresler's posse and the North West Mounted Police finally destroy the criminal gang. Red Mask, who falls to his death from a cliff, turns out to be Marbolt, who is blind by day, but sees clearly by night. Tresler buys a ranch and marries Diana.

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