Monday, September 24, 2012

AND DEATH FOLLOWED HIM at Sitges Film Festival

A short film by a student of the Centre of Studies City of Lights Festival is a finalist at Sitges Film Festival


“Y la muerte lo seguía” (And Death Followed Him) by Gómez Angel Hernandez, has been selected by the International Film Festival of Fantasy and Horror in Sitges (Spain) to compete in the official section of short films. The recently titled  film director in the Center for City of Light, Angel Hernandez Gomez is emerging with future promise in the national film industry.

Despite his youth, he has received many awards among which the Best Short Film Award at the South African International Horrofest in 2011 received Touch of Light. For the second consecutive year, will be present at the Sitges Festival where last year he competed for the Silver Méliès with his short film “La última victim” (The Latest Victim).

“And Death Followed Him” is about the adventures and misadventures that happen to a man during the search for the murderer of his wife when he seeks revenge. The film has a cast with actors with significant experience in film and television, as Pedro Casablanc (Policías, Hospital Central, Los hombres de Paco), Macarena Gomez (La que se avecina, Sexykiller, Dagon, la secta del mar), Gonzalo Ramos (Física y Química, Amar en tiempos revueltos), Jose Maria Galeano (Hospital Central, El secreto de Puenteviejo), Fernando Soto (Celda 211, La pecera de Eva, Sin tetas no hay paraíso), and Manuel Tallafé (El día de la Bestia, Torrente, Airbag), among others. Likewise, also included is a cameo of Javier Botet (Rec, Plutón BRB Nero, La chispa de la vida) who plays a gunslinger known as El Manco.

This short film, in which crew was also helped by other students of the Center for City of Light, is based on a novel by Angel Gomez Rivero, the film director's father, whose big screen adaptation has resulted in a merger of the two genres that matter most to Ángel Gómez Hernández: the western and terror. According to the director, "The greatest originality of this film is that it is a horror film told in western format. The plot suggests an interaction between the real and the imaginary, which functions as a catharsis for the main character."

In mid-October will begin a tour of Spain, showcasing a trilogy of short films by Angel Gomez that pays homage to classic monsters of film history and literature such as: the werewolf, vampires and Frankenstein.

In November will start a tour of Spain that will show fans of horror movies the last work of Angel Gomez “And Death Followed Him”. In Alicante, on November, 30th at the Center of Studies City of Lights. After the screening of the film a round table will be held with the participation with some of the supporting actors of the director's short, and other students Studies Center who participated in the filming of it.

And Death Followed Him

…Y la muerte lo seguía – Spanish title
And Death Followed Him – English title                      

A 2011 Spanish production [Producciones Diodati, EME Films (Madrid)]
Producer: Gonzalo Gala
Director: Ángel Gómez Hernández
Story: Ángel Gómez Rivero
Screenplay: Ángel Gómez Hernández
Cinematography: Germán Sánchez [color]
Music: José Ojeda
Running time: 20 minutes

Fred Carlson - José María Galeano
Mary - Macarena Gómez
Dutch – Peter Van Randen
Doc - Ángel Gómez Rivero
Johnny – Gonzalo Ramos
Borracho – Pedro Casablanc
Bartender - Manuel Tallafé
Lucy - Ariana Martínez
El Manco – Javier Botet
With: Alberto Ferreiro, Juanma Lara, Lidia San José, Elisa Mouliaá, Diego Arjona, Fernando Soto

Story: Young Johnny is told a strange story told by an old Indian in the light of a campfire. The story tells of the misadventures of Fred Carlson searching for the murderer of his wife. A chase that lasts two years and ends in a mysterious town called Arkham.


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