Thursday, September 27, 2012


 …e il terzo giorno arrivò il Corvo – Italian title
Arriva! Il Crow – Italian title
Korppi – Finnish title
Crow – German title
Ao 3 dia chegou o Corvo – Portuguese title
Cuervo encomienda tu alma al diablo – Spanish title
A Fistful of Death – English title
On the Third Day Arrived the Crow – English title

A 1972 Italian production [Harlindel Film (Rome)]
Producer: Maurizio Mannoia
Director: Gianni Crea
Story: Max Roll (Ermino Pontiroli)
Screenplay: Max Roll (Ermino Pontiroli)
Cinematography: Gianni Raffaldi (Giovanni Raffaldi), Franco Villa [Eastmancolor, widescreen]
Music: Nora Orlandi
Running time: 85 minutes

Link Kennedy/Connelly – Lincoln Tate
‘The Crow’ – William Berger (Wilhelm Berger)
Sally Kennedy/Connelly – Fiorella Mannoia
Tornado Kennedy/Connelly – Lorenzo Fineschi
Lawson – Richard Melvill (Rosario Borelli)
Bill – Lars Block (Lars Bloch)
Crow’s brother – Dean Stratford (Dino Strano)
Mary – Edda Di Benedetto
Charlie Sloane – Maurizio Mannoia
Will Sloane – Perry Dell
Henry Sloane – Romano Puppo
Lou Sloane – Pietro Torrisi
Sheriff – Pippo Tominelli (Giuseppe Tominelli)
Pa Sloane – John Turrel (Gino Turini)
Saloon patron – Omero Capanna

The Connelly brothers are looking for a gunman named ‘The Crow’, “the meanest son-of-a-bitch this side of the Rio Grande “ and who is responsible for killing their father. While looking for him, they find a load of gold which turns out not to be a load of gold and are confronted with bandits who want their gold back. The meet a man with a hoard of mentally deranged sons, and must face a bad guy who wants to kill them. After three days the crow still hasn't arrived. Finally arriving in town is a black-clad figure whose promptly killed by the Connelly brothers.

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