Saturday, September 15, 2012


Hijos de pobres, pero deshonestos padres… le llamaban Calamidad – Spanish title
Les llamaban calamidad – Spanish title
Los bandoleros – Spanish title
I bandoleros della dodicesima ora – Italian title
Oi anoihtoherides – Greek title
Os Bandoleiros da 12 ª Hora – Greek title
De kalte ham amen – Norwegian title
Sacramento - värst i västern – Swedish title
Desperado – English title
Now They Call Him Amen – English title
Now They Call Him Sacramento – English title

A 1972 Spanish, Italian co-production [Balcázar Producciones Cinematográficas S.A. (Barcelona), Variety Film (Rome)]
Producer: Francisco Balcázar
Director: Al Bagran (Alfoso Balcázar)
Story: Alfonso Balcázar
Screenplay: Alfonso Balcázar, Giovanni Simonelli
Cinematography: Jaime Deu Casas [Eastmancolor]
Music: Willy Brezza (Willi Columbini)
Song: “Sundown Son” sung by Dream Bags
Running time: 90 minutes

Sacramento/Amen – Michael Forest (Gerald Charlebois)
Old Tequila – Gigi Bonos (Luigi Bonos)
Big Jim – Fred Harrison (Fernando Bilbao)
Barbara/Jenny McKinley – Malisa Longo (Maria Longo)
Mr. Cray – Antonio Molino Rojo
Sheriff – Paolo Gozlino
Tony – Gaspar 'Indio' González
Sam - Fernando Rubio (Fernando Peña)
Jack - Antonio Almorós (Ramona Almorós)
Steve - Johnny Fairen (Juan Fairen),
Widower – Pajarito (Manuel Muñiz)
Woman on train – Irene D’Astrea
Man on train - César Ojinaga
Train engineer – Manuel Bronchud
With: Luigi Antonio Guerra, Juan Torres, Mario Del Vago, Fabio Garriba

Sacramento, Jim and Jim's father Tequila get into a fight with a gang of outlaws planning to rob a shipment of gold from a train. Believing the money belongs to the government they take it for themselves but the cash actually belongs to a community of farmers who now face eviction from their land. It seems that the outlaws that the trio outsmarted were working for a crooked banker, Cray, who is attempting to take control of the farmers' land. When he discovers that the farmland is inhabited by a colony of beautiful women who have left their husbands because they refused to stand up to the banker's bullies, Sacramento tries to make amends. However, Tequila runs off with the money and Cray sends his thugs after Sacramento and Jim. In a dramatic ending the entire town is destroyed in a series of explosions.

[The explosions at the end of the film were planned to destroy the Balcazar film set as it being torn down at the time this last western was being filmed. Therefore they were able to use the impressive explosions in the film and bring down the buildings for demolition at the same time.]

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  1. Didn't really like this movie. Too slapstick, like one of the bad Disney westerns in the 1970s with the likes of "The Shakiest Gun in the West" and "The Apple Dumpling Gang." Pretty bad. Sorry. Thumbs down on that one.