Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy 75th Birthday George Martin

Born Francisco Martínez Celeiro in Barcelona, Spain on September 18, 1937 he became a star in Spanish films as George Martin. As a youth Martinez excelled as a gymnast and was a member of the 1950 Spanish National Olympic Team. He narrowly escaped death when he missed the team plane and it later crashed in the mountains of Valdemeca killing all on board. Because of his good looks he was offered a screen test and passing was given a part in “Nunca es demasiado tarde” (1956). His first Euro-western role was as Roscoe in “Apache Fury” (1964) where he was billed as John Martin. This led to appearances in eighteen Euro-westerns. Martin then branched out into directing and producing, leaving the film industry in 1975. Today he lives in Miami, Florida where he is a land developer. Today we celebrate George Martin’ 75th birthday.


  1. Robert Mahaney - He's one of my favorite SW actors!

  2. I work for George Martin (Paco Martinez) here in Miami, and nowadays he is in pretty good shape.... Always working and taking care of his properties. He owns several properties (Hotels, office buildings, apartments, and so on)... Let's say that he has has been more succesful as entrepreneur than as an actor... But he never forgets his cinema experience and he is so proud of that.... Kind regards

    1. 305-571-5050 oficina
      786-285-5866 celular
      Francisco Martínez (Paco)

  3. I m from Barcelona and I would like to meet him. could somebody tell me how to meet him?

  4. Conozco personalmente a Paco Martinez, alias George Martin y es una persona estupenda y se conserva muy bien, aunque es un gran adicto al trabajo.

  5. George Martin. His real name is Francisco Martinez Celeiro. He was born in Barcelona, Spain. He now works in Miami, Florida as a land operator and foreman of a very successful company. He appeared in such films as "Red Blood, Yellow Gold" and "There's A Noose Waiting For You...Trinity".

  6. Eu assisti quase todos os seus filmes, especialmente los que ele atuou ao lado de Giiano Gemma . Para mim seu melhor filme foi " Clint o solitario".

  7. Paco Martinez AKA George Martin, was a "spaghetti western" actor. Now a days he is a slum lord in Miami where he owns and runs some of the WORST, so called hotels in the area.