Friday, August 31, 2012

Guess Who I Am

I’m an American actor born in Georgia in 1936.

I was a TV actor appearing on a long running western TV show before making my first film.

I appeared in only one Euro-western in 1966.

Guess who I am.

Chris Casey correctly identified this week's photo as Burt Reynolds.



  1. Looks like Burt Reynolds to me.
    NAVAJO JOE was in 1966.
    But, what about 100 RIFLES? I know it had an American director, but it was shot in Spain and most of the production crew were Europeans. Couldn't it be considered a Euro-Western?

  2. You got it Chris, it's Burt Reynolds.

    Yes I consider those U.S. films made in Spain Euro-westerns because many of the crew and supporting actors were Europeans.