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 Pruncul, petrolul si Ardelinii – Romanian title
Kojenec, nafta a Transylvánci – Czechoslovakian title
Wir warden das Kind schon schaukeln – German title
Földet veszünk Vadnyugaton – Hungarian title
Siedmiofrodzianie na dzikim zachodzie – Polish title
The Oil, the Baby and the Transylvanians – English title

A 1979 Romanian production [Casie dei Filme Trei (Bucharest)]
Producer: Eugen Mandric
Director: Dan Dan Piţa
Story: Francisc Munteanu, Titus Popovici
Screenplay: Francisc Munteanu, Titus Popovici
Cinematography: Marian Stanciu [color]
Music: Adrian Enescu
Song: “Main Theme” sung by Bujor Suru
Running time: 108 minutes

Traian Brad – Ilarion Ciobanu
Romulus Brad – Mircea Diaconu
Ion’Johnny’ Brad – Ovidiu Iuliu Moldovan
McCallum – Stefan Iordache
Sheriff – Dumitru Palade
Orban Peter – Zoltán Vadász
Saloon owner – Ileana Iliescu
Junea Brad – Tatania Filip
Mrs. McCallum – Carmen Galin
Harry – Constantin Rogin
Barber – Adrian Ratoi
With: Jean Constantin, Amza Pellea, Victoria Gheorghiu, Dragos Pîslaru, Elisabeta Adam (Erzsébet Ádám), Papil Panduru, Nicolae Pomoje, Iancu Lucian, Ion Anestin, Szabolcz Csech, Marcel Rosca, Iancu Caracota, Ion Mititelu, Eugen Tugulea, Cornel Lungu, Virginia Penescu, Ion Petrovici, Marinel Bondoc, Dan Teodorescu, Mihaela Prutica, Mihaela Serban, Viviana Mitru, Mircea Codrescu, Dumitru Florea, Paul Fister, Constantin Anghel, Gheorghe Busoiu, Dumitru Ghiuzelea, Nastase Filimon, Cornel Ispas, Viorel Plavitiu, Ion Craciun, Sever Plocon, Dumitru Pislaru, Dan Antoci, Radu Corciova, Ion Andrei, Anton Florin, Virgil Flonta, Alexandru Mihai, Alexandru Perghe 

The Oil, the Baby and the Transylvanians is the third part of a fairly successful Romanian trilogy about three Transylvanian brothers, their families, and their companions in frontier America, on the Great Plains. Set in the 1880s, the drama, comedy, and perhaps appeal of the film comes from the characters' difficulty in adjusting to the American rhythm and lifestyle.

The youngest of the Brad brothers, Romulus, and his American fiancée, June, are expecting a baby. The wedding celebration is eagerly anticipated by all the family and organized according to ancient Romanian customs.

Meanwhile the middle brother John, who is honest, courageous, and fast on the draw, is held in increasingly high esteem by the townsfolk as he faces down a series of bullies and hoodlums, which sets up several showdown scenes. Eventually John is elected sheriff. He hunts these "Wanted" criminals to subsidize Romulus' decaying ranch

Traian, the eldest of the three brothers, goes looking for water for his cattle and passes through the land of the Orbans, who are ironically Hungarian-Transylvanian farmers. The Orbans and Brads forge an important alliance and friendship against outside danger and violence. However, instead of finding water on his land, Traian finds oil. But will the promise of riches corrupt the brothers and tempt them away from their new home?

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