Friday, September 7, 2012


No Mercy for the Hunted – International title

A 2005 Greek production [Drosos Brothers Productions (Athens)]
Producer: Zacharias Drosos, Vassilis Drosos
Director: Zacharias Drosos, Vassilis Drosos
Story: Zacharias Drosos, Vassilis Drosos
Screenplay: Zacharias Drosos, Vassilis Drosos
Cinematography: Zacharias Drosos, Vassilis Drosos [black & white]
Music: Wolf Henning Steffen
Running time: 45 minutes

John Payne – Vassili Drosos
Rocho Velasquez - Athanasios Kalantzopoulos
Durango - Zacharias E. Drosos
With: Nikolaos Kalantzopoulos, Konstantinas Iliadis, Stavros Natzopoulos, Giorgos Isaakidis, Vassilis Pitatzis, Theodoros Savopoulos, Athanasios Spetziotis, Athanasios Argiriou, Nikolaos Ioannidis, Pavlos Akritidis, Panagiotis Tsisinos, Ponagiotis Valsamas

Once Upon a Time in Texas, in 1880 to be exact, Payne and Rocho Velasquez escape from the state prison labor camp and head south on foot. They had exploited an incident with the guards to set themselves free. One of their co-inmates died during the fight, and Rocho saw that man whisper something into Payne's ear before he passed. Rocho wants to join his companeros down south, thinking about the possibility of a hidden treasure and its location having been whispered into Payne's ear, who on the other hand thinks of bailing pretty soon, not trusting his newly found friend. Hey joins Rocho's old friends in the woods, but the suspicion about the gold puts the hospitality on edge and they beat Payne up to get information about the gold. Rocho and Durango, the head of the gang, take off to get supplies. Payne sees his chance and escapes. When the two return, they devise a plan to capture Payne. But Payne is a good shot, and instead of gold, they find themselves at the end of a gun barrel and a fistful of lead.

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